Friday, March 30, 2007

Two Worlds Colliding

I don't usually go into the office at all on Fridays, but I had some things to take care of; so, instead of penalizing LP and sending her to day care, I figured I would bring her with me. LP has been to my office before, but never on days when I actually plan on accomplishing anything. Today I even brought my laptop in with me.

Some outcomes of our adventure:
  1. My cube looks like it got hit by a tornado. Any file, folder piece of paper or CD within arm's reach of LP is now on the floor. Mind you, things on top of my desk or small sized file cabinets are fair game since she can pull her self up to search and destroy.
  2. LP has a big head. My daughter is adorable and very mild-mannered. She is a joy to be around. You don't have to believe me, but she heard this several times over. In fact, she turns and smiles when receiving compliments.
  3. We significantly lowered productivity. LP was enough of a distraction to me (she somehow maneuvered past the paper boxes I used to block off the entrance of my cube and ended up in the cube next door - several times) but she was also an attraction. A constant flood of people came by to look at her. Which wouldn't have been bad if they wanted to watch her, instead they just gawked - lowering my productivity as well.
  4. The lactation room is even more useful when you have an actual baby to feed.
  5. I did actually accomplish a few things. There were a few items that I needed to address today and I actually managed to cross them off my to-do list.
LP slept on the way home and we even stopped to do our grocery shopping. I rewarded LP for her excellent behavior with a piece of a banana as we walked from the store to the car. I put the fruit on the car seat while I loaded the groceries and promptly sat on it. Maybe it is karma telling me to keep the baby out of the office.


Selfmademom said...

I seriously can't believe you brought your baby to work and made it out alive. I haven't tried that yet... too scared. Bravo!

I am Karen D. (a 'WAFHM"): said...

Oh, how I can empathize!!! I learned quickly that post-it notes can buy precious time when bringing the wee-one to work. (Especially the mult-colored ones!)