Saturday, March 10, 2007

Free - HA!

I love a bargain. I come from a long line of bargain hunters. A few years ago, my mom even got Kohls to PAY HER to buy a cashmere sweater set. Anyway, yesterday we received three deliveries of "free stuff" at our house. We got two visits from FedEx and a visit from UPS. The mailman also came, but he didn't bring a package (even though we are actually expecting one containing, yes, even more free stuff).

First, UPS showed up bearing Sesame Street books that we got with our Pampers Gifts to Grow points. This is a program implemented by Pampers to make you feel as though you are not getting totally fleeced by them. By entering a crazy code from each package of diapers or wipes you buy, you accumulate points that you can exchange for "free" stuff. Never mind that in the 9.5 months of LP's existence we have spent more money than I want to calculate on Pampers products. The smartest move that company ever made was to give hospitals free newborn Pampers in the maternity ward. Now every new mom says "Well, they must be good if the hospital uses them." Darn it! I can't resist the inane logic, even though I know better. Plus, they really do seem to work.

Shortly thereafter, FedEx showed up with free Kiwi brand shoe inserts. Because I participate in Harris Poll's online surveys, I occasionally get mailed products to test out. The inserts look cool, and sound cool, but even after cutting them I can't really get them to fit into any of my shoes. Still, these were genuinely free, unless you count my opinion as valuable...hmm....

Later on in the day, LP and I were shocked when another FedEx truck rolled up in front of our house. This purple and orange clad man left a big box in front of our house. In fact, it was the "free" baby gate we got from EvenFlo in exchange for my cruddy breast pump. Please ignore the fact that I paid $37 for the pump and $6.50 in shipping to send it back to them. I got a $45 baby gate delivered to my house for "free"! Awesome! Except, the Hoos is now complaining that it is a weird beige color instead of pretty white which would better match our home...

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