Friday, March 23, 2007

Nice Try

Today I tried to be one of those creative moms. You know, the ones that have great ideas for arts and crafts projects and fun activities for inside the house? I'm not very good at it.

While at the store this morning I decided to buy chocolate pudding to use as paint. I gave myself my first mental-pat-on-the-back (POB) of the day. It seemed like it would be a new, simple thing to do that would require minimal effort.

After unloading the groceries, I stripped LP down to her onesie and put one of my old t-shirts on her. POB #2 for thinking of keeping the kid clean.

Then I realized I had no canvas for her to paint on (minus one POB), so I scoured the house until settling on the brilliant idea of cutting open a paper bag and using that. POB #3 for being innovative.

My fourth and final POB was for putting a towel on the linoleum kitchen floor to minimize the clean up.

I plopped LP onto the towel, dipped my finger into the pudding and showed her how to brush her fingers on the paper bag to paint. It is a good thing I used "edible paint" because no paint made it onto the paper, but a lot made it into her mouth (and on her legs and anywhere else that wasn't covered by the t-shirt). In fact, in order to maximize the amount of pudding that made it into her mouth, she started licking the bag where I had a put a small pile of pudding to ease the painting process.

At least it made for good pictures.


I am Karen D. (a 'WAFHM"): said...

Kudos to you! Pudding painting...that is some serious mommy points for you my friend!!!

Anonymous said...

The pics are too cute. I did this Ryan, but vanilla and put food coloring in it. I put down wax paper on the table. He loved it and ate more than he painted with too. - Dianna