Wednesday, December 31, 2008

I Resolve... not flush wipes of any kind - even flushable ones.

Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Gopher Balls

So my plan for the night was to have the Hoos give both girls a bath, nurse AK, and go to sleep shortly after she did.

Unfortunately, while I was nursing AK, I hear LP and the Hoos shouting, "Amy! Amy! The toilet overflowed!"

Not sure what they want me for I go running down the hall with poor, almost asleep, AK still suckling. At the foot of the stairs is a wet, unclothed LP; the Hoos expelled her from the bathroom right at the end of her bath as he noticed the toilet overflowing. "Towels! We need lots of towels!" he calls out.

I chuck towels down the stairs, make my way down and plunk AK into the exersaucer. I then pick up a shivering LP and get her PJs on. the entire time she keeps trying to jump off the changing table to go and watch Daddy, shouting, "THE TOILET 'SPLODED!"

The Hoos gives up unclogging the bath and toilet for a moment and tries to get LP ready for bed while I try to get AK settled back down. From AK's room I hear LP telling the Hoos, "I'm going to tell Eliza about the toilet 'sploding."

So much for an early night.

Too Much Drama

I just realized that I have been with my two wonderful daughters for 24 hours a day for the past 6.5 days. I am exhausted. And today it showed.

Little AK had a big spit up at the end of her lunch. As I attempted to clean her off, I removed the straps that held her in place. I then removed the tray and turned to put it down on the dining room table to continue to clean up the little munchkin. In the split second I turned, she decided to take a flying leap and did a face plant three feet down onto the hardwood floor. It was awful. And I was right there.

She immediately started crying (a good thing) and as I consoled her I didn't notice right away that her nose was bleeding. A call to the doctor was quickly placed and my big girl LP rushed into her princess boots and coat so we could rush out the door.

An hour and a half later, the good news is AK appears to be absolutely fine. Mommy is still shaky.

Monday, December 29, 2008

Now, Where Was I?

Back to the post about all of the interesting things I did before kids...

Today the girls and I met the Hoos for lunch and we ran into a friend from college at the diner. While it was very nice to see her and catch up, it felt like it must be impossible that we graduated at the same time.

When she asked us if we had any plans for New Years we just sort of gestured at the girls and shrugged, "Not really."

Maybe it doesn't sound so bad reading it, but it just really made us feel old. And we aren't old. And it isn't like we had kids early. We were both about to turn 30 when we had LP.

The reality is, we are just on different paths from our school mate. Maybe it is because she is single or maybe it is because we have kids or maybe we just have different priorities. We have plenty of other friends who are married with kids. But, for some reason we forget about those folks and instead wonder instead what people who aren't traveling in our same direction think about us. It is not like we were ever partiers or ones to go out to bars on New Years (or ever really, well, maybe if a good band was playing and I had slept late that day). But still...

Sunday, December 28, 2008

Saturday, December 27, 2008

Or How About the Time...

...I was tossed about in the mosh pit at a Green Day concert?
...or yelled out Cyprus Hill lyrics as they played at Lollapalooza?
...or I danced until crazy hours at "clubs" like Flicks and Odds in college?

No? I guess it goes to show you that life and times change. Because I have told you - at least five times - about my kid peeing and pooping on the potty. Rock on!

Friday, December 26, 2008

Did I Ever Tell You About the Time...

I met Tina Turner? My previous employer, E*TRADE, sponsored her concert series in 2000 or 2001 and we got VIP tickets and the chance to meet Tina before her performance at the Nissan Pavillion. We had to miss some of the opening act - Lionel Richie - but it was well worth it. I brought my boyfriend (the Hoos) as my date. When it was picture time I swear the guy pushed me, the one who had gotten him free tickets, out of the way to score a prime spot next to Tina.

Don't we look young? And not so great. Oh well. It is still cool.

Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Two Smart Cookies

LP has found a new way to confound her day care providers. Now, instead of napping during nap time, she insists on going to the bathroom every 10 minutes. Somehow she manages to pee just a little each time so they have no choice but to keep letting her go. Today she peed 11 times. This from a kid that refused to go just last week.

AK is also showing herself to be a genius. During dinner she would rhythmically pound the tray table of her high chair until LP tapped back. They spent the better part of the meal communicating by drumming. It warms the heart:)

The Short End of the Stick

The guilt is eating away at me. As you have surely noticed my last few posts have focused on LP. She has obviously had quite a significant accomplishment over the last few days and we are thrilled to pieces with her. Unfortunately, poor little AK has been getting the short shrift.

It is necessary to reap praise and congratulations on LP to reinforce her potty success. Couple this with the fact that I have to visit the bathroom with her every time she needs to use the toilet. And finally, consider that LP likes to "help, " so instead of watching me make cookies from a prime position on the floor (e.g., AK in her ExerSaucer) she actively participates.

I feel awful.

Especially since AK is starting to notice that fun things are going on and she is just a passive bystander. Now, when I leave the room to help LP in the bathroom she cries out for me. It seriously sounds like, "Hey! Don't forget about me. Your other daughter. The cute little one with the fuzzy head."

I try to spend time focusing on AK, but it is hard when LP is around. She is a constant whirlwind of activity and requests. She distracts both AK and me. On the other hand, she is often really awesome to sister. Trying to play with her and teach her things. Yesterday she complained to me, "Mommy, AK won't play this puzzle with me."

I know that AK will be asking for and getting her own in just a few short months. Can you moms out there with more than one kid just remind me that they all turn out okay, don't resent you or each other and that this is totally normal?

Monday, December 22, 2008


Earlier this evening the Hoos pointed out to me that this potty training thing might well be one of the last major milestones for our little LP for a while. Now that she has the potential to be completely potty trained she will be so much more than our little toddler. She will be a "big girl".

A big girl who until Friday refused to go near the potty. As of an hour ago, she not only tells us when she has to go, she does into the bathroom herself and closes the door, only calling out to tell me what she has accomplished. Wow.

My big girl trying to ride her first Chanukah present of the holiday - a new tricycle from her Saba and Savta.

Saturday, December 20, 2008

My Imaginary World

Today in my imaginary world, I played in the snow with LP. The same LP that peed on the toilet FOUR TIMES AND POOPED ON IT ONCE. In this made-up, mind-boggling world, between yesterday and today, there were 9 successful trips to the toilet, only one accident (during nap time), and lots of candy rewards.

Snow Days

Friday, December 19, 2008

A Hypo

Let's say, hypothetically, that I was home with the girls today due to inclement weather and we baked cranberry-walnut biscotti and Chanukah cookies that LP decorated. And, again, hypothetically, LP PEED ON THE POTTY THREE TIMES AND POOPED ONCE.

Even if, in this hypothetical situation, I was stuck in the house due to the aforementioned weather it would still be a kick-ass day, no?

Thursday, December 18, 2008


Last night was my department holiday party. Like most people, I have a like/hate relationship with this type of event. I like to have dinner with adults and maybe get to know some of the people I work with better and yet I hate the concept and being forced to spend more time with people I may or may not like.

For the portion I was there, the evening had some awkward highlights:
  1. When we went around to introduce ourselves to some out-of-town guests, one colleague stood up and say, "Hi! I am [Kate Moss]! I would like to take this opportunity to let you know that I am here to meet all of your graphic needs." She is a graphic designer - not a porn star, so don't read too much in to the "graphic" part. Even knowing this, it was still odd.
  2. The person toting the wine showed up more than an hour late - getting lost during the 10 minute drive from the office. More likely he was secretly hoping to make a grand entrance. He was unfortunately obliged as some other folks gave him (but really the wine) a standing O when he finally arrived.
  3. As I begged off to get home to the Hoos and the girls, I walked around and said goodbye to the crowd. I am not much of a hugger, but one saccharine sweet co-worker stood up, hugged me and kissed me near my ear. I just stood there kind of stiffly. I still hear the awful echo-ey sound.
  4. An Irish-Catholic colleague lambasted a Jewish colleague about confusing his kids by having "holiday" lights outside him home and not being upfront and telling his two-year old that Santa wouldn't be visiting their house. I agree with her points (but defended him and his decisions anyway), but it sure made for some horrifically uncomfortable dinner conversation.

Tuesday, December 16, 2008

LP's Burgeoning Vocabulary

A few of the recent highlights from conversations with LP:
  1. "Mommy, can Daddy do a project with me? Because you are feeding AK." She was right, I was nursing AK and couldn't play.

  2. "I'm taking my time." As she attempts to go to the bathroom in her pull-up (heaven forbid she poop on the toilet.).

  3. "...from afar." LP was telling my mother about how she likes animals. It is true, she does only like them from a distance. Once she gets close she freaks out. Like poor Coco the bunny, "I don't like him on the rug. I like him in the cage."

  4. "It's complicated." Explaining to me how it is difficult to put on socks with the rubbery part on the bottom so she doesn't slip and fall.

  5. "I don't want them to move." As she takes literally fifteen pieces of tape to stick something to the wall.

  6. "I want to decorate it." Her interest in coloring in one of the 'projects' we had created.

  7. "I went to work with Mommy and I saw Kiki." She LOVED coming in to my office on Friday and checking out my cube and entertaining my co-workers.

  8. "Do you want company?" Asking the Hoos as he strapped her in to her car seat and walked to the driver's seat.

  9. "Nice and cozy." Her request for when we tuck her in to bed at night.

  10. "These are my dancing shoes." As she stomps around in the princess boots my parents got her.

Where to Begin?

Thursday, my parents went to LP's school and did a project with her class. They then took her home and she slept over at their house. They had a great time and LP didn't much miss us.

It was odd to be home alone with AK. It was also unfortunate, because it turned out that poor AK has a double ear infection, so any time we tried to lay her down to sleep she would wake up and be upset. Poor little bunny. She is now on the mend and sleeping much better.

Saturday morning the girls had a tea party.

Sunday, LP continued work on her photography skills. A work in progress, obviously.

And last night they both posed beautifully for me, with LP even IMPLORING me to take a picture. Like I could resist?

Thursday, December 11, 2008

Trees and Apples

It's funny, I don't think my kids look alike (I know others disagree) but at some point I looked like both of them. And, even though I never really thought I looked like my mom, I guess the proof is in the pudding:

Wednesday, December 10, 2008

There Were Three in the Bed

For the second night in a row, AK joined the Hoos and me in bed. Notice I say that she joined us and not that she slept with us. Because last night there was minimal sleep for all.

AK's cold has been resurrected in the worst possible way as evidenced by her stuffed nose, dry hacking cough, and sticky boogers. We thought she was on the mend but around 12 last night she started crying out for me. I nursed her and tried to return her to her crib, but she was having none of that. We thought that perhaps she was playing us again, just wanting to snuggle with mommy like she had the night before (seriously, as soon as she got in to bed with me on Monday night she sighed and fell fast asleep). But...since she had to keep spitting her pacifier out so that she could, you know, breathe, there was no way for her to self soothe. So, we whisked her off to our bedroom to attempt to clear her nose with saline and the snot sucker.

Fast forward four hours to see the Hoos and I desperately trying to sleep while my poor little bunny moaned. There is nothing worse than having a sick, unhappy child and having no recourse. Of course, when my alarm went off at 6:30, AK was out like a light. Ugh.

Anyway, to keep today from being all doom and gloom, let me share one of LP's new found favorite activities - turning on the lights. Since I am short we have a few step stools scattered around the house. I use them to reach things up high, LP uses them to flick the light switches on and off. She is actually very cute running around the house carrying a just gets to be less funny when she uses it to turn the lights on in the bedrooms in the morning to goad us out of bed.

Monday, December 8, 2008

New Pictures

We had a good weekend. We got some more fish for our tank, LP and the Hoos got hair cuts, LP and I had a play date, and the Hoos had some alone bonding time with AK. And we met Coco, the other Bow family's new pet rabbit. LP was not amused.

Speaking of amusing - here are some new shots of my cutie pies.

Sporting some pigtails - they stayed in for about two minutes.
Checking out the first snow of the winter.

Staying warm in the infant carrier - she looks cute, but she HATED the cover.

Friday, December 5, 2008

If You Didn't Know Us

This morning while eating breakfast, LP looked out the window and pointed out a Santa figurine on our neighbor's front lawn, "What's that?" she asked.

I told her that it was Santa Claus and she responded, "I don't like Santa Claus."

"That's okay, Santa is for Christmas."

I then reminded her, "We're Jewish, we don't have Christmas or Santa Claus."

"And," she chimes in, "we don't have candy for breakfast."

Upon hearing this from the other room the Hoos calls out, "We sound like Gremlins!"

Thursday, December 4, 2008

I Survived

First, I want to acknowledge that this is my 500th post. I know, la-di-freaking-da! The blog survived, I am surviving and life is good.

Moving on...

Last night was fine. It was a very casual get together with assorted neighbors dropping in from up and down the street. There were lots of kids, most in the 10-13 range, with the exception of my kids and the kids of the neighbor that alerted us to the party. When Santa arrived, we asked LP if she wanted to go outside and see the fire truck, she grabbed her fabulous red cape and ran to the front door. She was psyched about the truck and as soon as she saw the man in the red suit she wanted to go home, she didn't even notice that he was giving out presents. When the firemen and truck left she insisted on going back inside (mostly because she was in the middle of eating a cupcake when we rushed to check out the happenings outside).

All-in-all it was a nice way to spend an hour and very convenient that we only had to walk back across the street to be home. And I never had to give LP the little present I had for her.

In other news, the girls' school pics are in! Unfortunately I have not yet gotten the proofs of them together, but here are the individual pics. If the two of them together didn't come out well, we are suckers and will likely be ordering some of these along with LP's class pic.

Wednesday, December 3, 2008

Santa Claus is Coming to Town

This year is the first year that LP is aware of the holidays. She has taken a particulat interest in "light up trees." And who can blame her, doesn't everyone love over-the-top Christmas decorations on houses? Fortunately, our across the street neighbor seems to be vying to be a stop on a Christmas light home tour, so she can get her fill of lights without even leaving the house. This is not to say that we won't drive around looking for lit up homes too.

We have been taking every opportunity to reinforce to her that we do not "have Christmas". For example, if she says that our house has light up trees, we remind her that we have Chanukah and that means we have a menorah (when the time comes) but no lights outside.

Tonight will be a big test. For the Hoos and me.

Another one of our neighbors is having a party. It was really nice of our neighbors to invite us and it is a good opportunity for us to build relationships with the people that live around us. The party is built around the fact that Santa will be coming on a fire truck. For a donation, parents give gifts to the fire department to be distributed on an appointed date.

The Hoos and I feel pretty strongly that we don't want Santa to give LP a gift. We are Jewish, we just don't get gifts from Santa. It isn't that we don't believe in Santa, it is just that he doesn't give us presents. In fact, I distinctly remember as a kid looking out my window on Christmas Eve watching for Santa to land on my friends' roofs. I never expected him to land on ours though.

My plan is to bring a small gift for LP that we will give to her to open when the other kids get their presents from Santa. Hopefully she will not be disappointed. I am kind of hoping that she is scared of Santa and doesn't want to go near him.

I am also hoping that our neighbors don't make a big deal of it. I figure they must have an inkling that we are Jewish. But, even if they do, they still might not understand what that means to us (and why/how should they?) and that we are not just being mean by not having Santa give LP our gift.

The Hoos asked me if we should go at all if things are going to be complicated. But I think it is important that we chill with our neighbors. And, obviously, it is going to be impossible for us to avoid Christmas until LP is old enough to understand. Tis the season!

In other news, I was a good samaritan today. There was a small fire on the center median on the Merritt Parkway. I called 411, got the non-emergency number for the Stamford police, and let them know. The cop wasn't even appreciative, he cut me off, "Yeah, we know. We are sending someone." Click. Whatever, I still feel good about it.

Tuesday, December 2, 2008


A good story from yesterday:

Next to our washer in the basement is a slop sink that the washer drains into. Typically we have no problems with this set-up. Last night after LP had an accident, I put her wet clothes on the side of the sink to dry. Later on I put up some laundry, forgetting about the Tinkerbell panties and jeans resting on the lip of the sink. Some time later I came down to move the wash into the dryer and noticed water on the floor of the basement - stretched across almost the entire expanse of the basement. Apparently Tink had been knocked loose and got stuck in the drain, causing the slop sink to overflow and flood the basement. Fortunately we have a Wet/Dry vac, the Hoos had just cleaned up the basement, nothing was really on the floor, and the Hoos was a good sport. It actually turned out to only be a couple of gallons, but it still sucked.

A better story from yesterday:

I gave LP some fruit for dessert after she finished her dinner. She held up a blackberry and asked me what it was. She nodded and ate it. She then picked up a raspberry and showed it to me and said," I like these better." She then stuck it on the tip of her finger and laughed hysterically. I was amazed that she had somewhere, somehow picked up the concept of "better". She is so smart.

Monday, December 1, 2008

At Least...

  1. we haven't had to take vacation time YET to nurse our babies out of their colds.
  2. LP is feeling better.
  3. LP is and never has been one to act like she feels crappy when she is sick. AK does and we didn't realize how much it sucks to see your poor baby looking and acting miserable. It really sucks.
  4. AK is still the cutest baby ever.
  5. we have 2.5 parents in the house. Seriously, the other day LP started calling AK "Honey Bear". For those of you that know me, I give everyone a nickname and I call the girls all sorts of things - Bunny Bee, Honey Munchkin, etc. Apparently it has rubbed off on LP.
  6. LP likes her antibiotic, since she hates the Dimetapp and refuses to take it.
  7. LP stays dry during naptime while wearing underwear, even if she has accidents during the day in other parts of the house.
  8. I am mature enough to blow my snot out instead of swallowing and choking on it like poor AK.
  9. the weather was kind of cruddy during the long weekend, so we didn't really miss anything.
  10. LP likes the snot-sucker thing. She does it to herself while AK fights like the dickens to avoid it.

Photo from our indoor experience:

AK inventing new ways to play peek-a-boo.