Monday, March 5, 2007

Can't Take My Eyes Off of You

LP is officially crawling all over the place. It is simultaneously amazing and exhausting.

For example, last week we moved our coffee table out of the center of our living room. It has six shelves built into it on which we stored books and coasters and the like. LP had a tendency to roll over to it and attempt to pull stuff off of the top shelf. Instead of watching her pull something heavy onto her head, or attempt to pull herself up on a shelf and bonk her head on the top, we hid it in the corner of our living room between our couch and loveseat. There is a narrow space between the couches – perfect, apparently, for a little tush to crawl through.

The other day I was minding my own business, attempting to do some work from home, when I look up and notice that LP is playing with these wooden blocks my sister-in-law bought the Hoos. This is only an interesting observation because they were stored under the coffee table. It had somehow escaped my notice that my little rump roast had crawled her way over to the corner, wriggled herself in between the couches, retrieved the blocks and backed out – while holding the blocks.

LP also likes to visit Daddy's shoes and slippers, which he removes and leaves by the front door. Either there is something about the scent of feet that she finds alluring, or she misses the Hoos. In either case, I am hopeful this is something she outgrows quickly.

It has become apparent that nap time will be the key time to accomplish things on my work-from-home days. I find solice in the hope that she will take longer naps since she will tucker herself out from scooting all over. Let's just hope I don't need naps during this time too!

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