Wednesday, March 28, 2007

Red Alert

I wasn't going to post a blog entry today but then fate intervened. While pumping this morning, the fire alarm went off at work.

So there I am, sitting in a locked, private room, listening to this horrendously loud alarm and folks filing out of the office, thinking to myself, "Do I really want to exit the building?"

The Cons:
  • The lactation room is on the fourth floor of our four-story building. If I was going to evacuate I was going to have to climb down the stairs and then back up.
  • I was having a really good pumping session (i.e., 5 ounces and it kept coming!) and if I stopped the chances of the flow continuing after we were so rudely interrupted were slim to none.
The Pros:
  • Did I mention I was in a locked room and if it was a real fire no one was going to know where I was?
Decisions, decisions...I was hoping the alarms would stop while I decided. But, no. I put the girls away, put my milk containers in the fridge and calmly walked down the stairs. So tomorrow if LP is a few ounces short, maybe she can have some consolation in the fact that mommy is a goody-two shoes, following the rules of the fire drill.

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