Tuesday, March 20, 2007

Never Enough

Today's Washington Post includes an article about 'mommy guilt.' It states that mom's today are constantly rearranging their lives and their schedules in order to spend more time with their children, but are never satisfied that they are actually spending enough time with their kids.

According to the article, moms are spending more time primarily tending to their kids every week than ever before (14.1 hours as opposed to 10.2 hours in 1965). Apparently mothers in the 60s spent more time focused on housekeeping. I have already blogged about how housekeeping is not my highest priority, so that hypothesis holds up for me. Regardless, even though more time is spent focused on the family, women are still questioning themselves and their decisions and wondering how they could spend more time with their kids.

Why are we so hard on ourselves? I am very fortunate to have a flexible schedule and spend two workdays a week home with LP. Sometimes I ponder if day care is actually a better place for LP to be 5 days a week. There are other little crawlers to play with, there is plenty of open space and bountiful amounts of Cheerios. On our days together there are errands to be run, laundry to be put up and meals to be prepared. And yet, I still feel that LP prefers it because she is with mommy. But really, who knows?

I am hopeful that with the weather improving we will spend less time cooped up in the house and more time outside exploring the world. Of course then I will wonder if she is seeing enough written word or getting enough stimulation just by sitting outside or going for a walk. It has to be more educational than exploring life behind our couch...

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Devra said...

I'm sure life behind your couch offers much to her imagination and isn't creating a deficit in her ability to get into an Ivy League School. I'm quite certain that Einstein or Mozart may have eaten a booger or two; ) Sounds like you are enjoying your parenting, you have your priorities that work for you and your family! So feel free to ponder the back of the furniture and so what to anyone who judges you for it. It's not their sofa! And then when the weather gets better, check out each blade of grass with your daughter!