Tuesday, March 6, 2007

Knock, Knock: Is Anyone Home?

I just got off the phone with the Hoos, and we are both steamed with LP's day care.

First, last Thursday when I picked LP up I noticed she was missing her shirt. No, she wasn't topless, but we typically dress her in a long-sleeve onesie topped with a shirt of some kind. This is both to keep her warm and to hide her love handles. This was the first time she was wearing this particular long-sleeve hoodie, as my boss had just given me six bags full of hand-me-downs from her granddaughters. The Hoos liked the shirt so much, he called me at work that morning to tell me that it might be his new favorite outfit of LP's. Fortunately, the shirt was found and the Hoos picked it up this morning when he dropped our munchkin off.

However, the shirt turned out to be the least of our worries. When you have a child in day care, the weekly cost of care is just one of the expenses. You also have to provide food, utensils, wipes, diapers, labeled and ready to serve bottles and the like. Everyday we get a report telling us when and how long LP napped, how much and when she ate, and how many diapers they changed (accompanied by a neatly circled "wet" or "bm"). There is also room on the form to tell us what LP needs more of and a space to give us more detail about her day.

Personally, I am always looking for more detail on baby girl's day. Apparently in the older infant room they "do" more, so I am anticipating more information and notes.

Anyway, this weekend we made a special trip to Target to stock up on LP supplies, since Thursday's note indicated that more wipes were in order and we were running low. When the Hoos dropped LP off today it was his first time bringing her to her new classroom. As he emptied her bag (stocked with the wipes, bottles, finger food, and an extra clean blanket and sheet), the new teacher, Gina, asked if had brought more jarred food. When he told her no, we didn't know LP needed any, Gina ran down to the old classroom to see if they had forgotten to transition Muffin's bin and supplies. She returned with a lone jar of fruit - apparently the extent of LP's stock.

What the heck?! Is it too much to ask for a little bit of a head's up? Did no one notice that the baby was out of veggies and running low on fruit? Arrggghhh! Good thing I did buy some jars of diced fruit and pack a few slices of American cheese so that LP has something for lunch. I know she won't starve, but what a pain in the neck!

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