Tuesday, March 20, 2007

Les Zombies Et Les Loup-Garous

There is a song by Raffi called "Les Zombies Et Les Loup-Garous" literally translated to The Zombies and the Werewolves. When I first heard this song and read the English translation in the liner notes, I thought it was a little scary for little kids (although it does have a fabulous tune). Now I know that this song is actually targeted at parents, since today the Hoos and I feel like zombies thanks to our little werewolf.

The poor baby's cold has just gotten worse. Last night she actually let the Hoos stick the aspirator up her nose - and she smiled when he was done suctioning. She actually sought out the aspirator at one point (I think she wanted to chew on it). We put the humidifier on last night as well.

Regardless, this morning the howling from the nursery started at 4:15. And went until 5:30. Our response: lowering the volume on the monitor. She wasn't really crying, and there was nothing I could have done at that awful hour that wouldn't have made it worse. She would have just started crying if she was awake and saw me and then I would have not only been awake, I would have been awake and out of my nice snug bed.

Today, I am not only exhausted but I feel selfish for making LP suffer alone. And the Hoos just called to tell me that she is miserable this morning, shooting double barrels every time she sneezes. Spring arrives tonight. Hopefully the good weather brings good health and sleep. I don't think I could survive (mentally, emotionally, or physically) otherwise.

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