Sunday, March 4, 2007

Such a Good Girl

For the first time in months, the Hoos and I invited people over for dinner last night. We were looking forward to it and had a great meal planned. We timed the invite so LP would be fed and content when they arrived. Of course, every memorable evening needs some drama. I thought I got our excitement out of the way when I caught frozen butternut squash cubes on fire in our new microwave. I have no idea how this happened - or why - but apparently frozen butternut squash from a bag is not supposed to go in the microwave. And I wouldn't try to heat up apples this way either.

But, no, flaming fruits and veggies was not enough. About 10 minutes before our guests were supposed to arrive, after kissing LP, the Hoos turned to me and said, "Does she feel warm to you?"

So, we get the ear thermometer. 101...hmmm, not good, but the thing isn't exactly accurate, we use it more for gross measurement. Then, we bust out everyone's favorite - the rectal thermometer. 101.8! What to do, what to do?! Well, we decide that some baby tylenol is in order. And we rationalize together that teething must be the cause. It has been about 2 months since her bottom two teeth broke through and she has been drooling a bit more than usual.

The tylenol seems to work and we have a relatively relaxed dinner of roasted cauliflower, tilapia with herbs, and coos-coos. Before dessert I nurse LP and put her to bed. All is well in the Hoos household and we enjoy the rest of the night with our guests.

Shortly after they leave, I go upstairs to check on our little beauty. Before stepping into the room I peek in through the door and I see some movement. My little angel is quietly laying awake, on her side, rubbing her eyes. I have no idea how long she has been like this, or how miserable she is, but it kills me. My little baby girl suffered in silence so mommy and daddy could have some grown-up time.

We gave her more tylenol and orajel and put her back in her crib...and checked on her way too many times that it probably distracted more than comforted her. After the Hoos convinced me that it would be silly for me to sleep on the floor of her room (just so I could be close if she needed me), we all went to bed. And my good little girl slept until 7:30. What more could a mommy ask for?

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maya said...

You are one lucky mama!!