Thursday, March 8, 2007

Spring Forward

Yes, it is Daylight Savings Time again, time to Spring the clocks ahead an hour. For parents of infants this change has pretty much no impact on sleeping. In fact, it probably has a negative impact, as I will go to bed later and wake up at the same time. As you might expect, LP has no concept of sleeping in - although she does like the idea of staying up an hour later, I am sure.

I also need to point out how bizarre it is that an act of Congress can actually change time. How weird is that? I am not interested in a debate over the origins of daylight savings, but I think it is so strange that the government can decree the changing of the changing of the clocks (much to Microsoft's chagrin).

Anyway, there are many positives related to the time switch. First, the Hoos will no longer be able to say at 7pm when it is pitch black, "We used to be just starting a softball game at this time." Mind you, he is referring to the co-ed company softball team we were on at my first job out of college when we lived in the DC-area. We moved out of DC four and a half years ago and I haven't worked at that company in over seven years.

I am also thrilled that I will be able to take LP for walks in the evenings (as soon as the temps get out of the 20s!) on weekdays. Last year we met some of our neighbors this way and it helped me lose my pregnancy weight, so I am eagerly anticipating integrating this back into our schedule.

Finally, daylight savings means spring is on its way. Followed shortly thereafter by summer and our first vacation in two years! After banking as much vacation time as I possibly could for my maternity leave (insert nasty thoughts about the U.S.'s lack of good maternity leave policies), it will be nice to actually use paid time off for fun.

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GettingThereNow said...

Hey! I found your blog by chance!! I am a working mom too. I live in CT too. And guess what? I live in Norwalk!!!