Monday, March 12, 2007

Like Mother, Like Daughter

LP doesn't really look like me or the Hoos. She has my eyes and the Hoos' consolation prize is that she has his fingers and toes. Physically she does look a lot like my side of her family tree, actually, she mostly resembles my Dad - but cuter (no offense, blondy).

This is not to say that she doesn't have other traits that remind me of myself. In fact, the personality characteristics that she shares with me are more astounding than the physical ones. For instance, once she started crawling it became obvious that the girl has a shoe fetish. She will wiggle her little legs all the way across a room if she sees a pair of shoes on the floor. We have learned to put our shoes on the stairs to keep them out of her reach. Of course, this means that she is now attempting to climb the stairs. Crazy, right? She has only been crawling for two weeks and she already wants to climb the stairs! For the shoes!

She is also a huge flirt. She gets this from both sides of the family. When surrounded by a crowd, she doesn't scream, or get scared. Instead she makes eye contact with each and every person. At 9.5 months old I already know that LP could sell sand in the Sahara. It doesn't hurt that she is adorable. Hey, she come by this honestly too. I can only imagine that she will inherit the family modesty as well.

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