Wednesday, March 7, 2007

Perky, Perky, Perky

I have never been a coffee drinker. At barely 5 feet tall, I would reject it, claiming that it would "stunt my growth" (too late!). However, when I was pregnant the uncomfortable sleep of late pregnancy required an antidote of caffeine in order to function.

Like lots of new moms-to-be I did all sorts of Internet research and determined that a daily mug of hot chocolate was in order. Apparently hot chocolate has minimal amounts of both real chocolate and caffeine. I began looking forward to my daily dose of hot cocoa delivered by the funky machine at work.

Once I had LP, I suddenly developed a craving for iced coffee. Because I was nursing I was constantly thirsty and some hormone triggered something in my sleep-deprived brain that said "I've got a fever that only an iced coffee can fix!" More cowbell! Anyway, it didn't hurt that Dunkin Donuts has a drive through since 1. I didn't want to bring LP into close contact with strangers until she had her shots and 2. it took me a while to build up the arm strength to carry her in the baby carrier (talk about awkward!). The once or twice a week trips to our local DD for a medium, iced decaf, light and sweet with skim became a major excursion for us during the six to eight weeks that we were confined to the house and local neighborhood.

Now that it is winter, I can't really order an iced coffee. It is embarrassing and silly. So every once in a while I will get myself a medium decaf from a local bagel place. Mostly following nights like last night when my teething little LP starts making cranky sounds at 3am.

On a positive note, thanks to my medium decaf hazelnut vanilla with skim and loads of sugar, today should be a hyper-productive day for me at work!

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