Friday, March 9, 2007

You Want Details?

Yesterday my father complained to me that my blog entry was boring. By boring, he meant “not enough about LP.” The minutiae of a baby’s day is infinitely more interesting once you become a grandparent.

I can sort of relate. For the first few months of new parenthood, friends would be afraid to call. They didn’t realize that I am not good at being cooped up. I was starving for the nitty gritty details of life outside of the confines of my home. When the Hoos would say to me, “You don’t want to hear this” my protests were sincere– I wanted to hear it all. After grilling folks about their day-to-day lives in excruciating detail, they would ask about a typical day in my life. I had nothing. Nurse, nap, nurse, nap, pace the house while trying to sooth, nurse, nap, take LP out for a walk, nurse, nap. Oh, and change her diaper and my clothes every 45 minutes or so.

If you think that is boring, nowadays it is much worse, because we are so predictable and LP has a schedule. The most excitement we have to report today is that I gave LP a whole mini-pancake with her breakfast and she nibbled at it until she finished it. The big deal here is that I didn’t have to break the pancake into little pieces.

Today, after that long introduction, instead of trying to be witty or engaging (hey - it hasn't worked so far) , I will just post a photo of LP for your enjoyment. She is tearing apart my kitchen. Apparently, the Hoos used to do the same thing when he was her age.

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