Friday, January 27, 2012


In case you didn't know - the Giants beat the 49ers!

And, in case you were wondering, crickets from the boss.

I am looking for the right opportunity to inquire about my gift cards. But I won't be letting it go.

In other winning news, A's Mom?! You are getting some Frito-Lay Frito Scoops and a chip and dip bowl! Be on the look out!

And, in more winning news - because the Giants are GOING TO THE SUPERBOWL - Frito-Lay has extended another opportunity to me. Three other readers can get this cool chips and dip set AND their own Fritos Scoops.

So make your Super Bowl predictions and share a quick dip recipe in the comments and you too can be a winner (even you Pats fans).

Must Be in the Genes

The other day we got a Valentine's Day note home from LP's kindergarten. Being hyper-efficient by nature (and really just wanting to get the cards purchased so I wouldn't forget), the following day I asked the girls if they wanted to go to Target to pick out them out.

"Mama? can we make cards instead of buying cards? We can pick out the stuff we need at Target - like glue and glitter and stickers."

Figuring that making cards would take up more time than just buying cards (considering we had about two and a half weeks until it was actually Valentine's Day), I accepted this challenge.

Although purchasing cards (at about $2 for a box of 24) is way cheaper then making cards, we were able to find some V-Day themed paper and foam hearts in the $1 bins at Target so it was not too painful.

When we arrived home - the girls immediately started making their cards. LP got to work cutting sheets of large paper into quarters (so 8 pieces of paper became 32 cards) and then making each square into a hand-cut heart.

AK spilled out a bucket of glittery foam heart stickers and began individually decorating the 14 large foam hearts she needed for her class, "Mommy, when I finished, you will write the name on the back. The one with all of the cupcakes is for Mrs. P."

So, in essence, an activity that I thought would give them something to do after school for at least 5 afternoons? Took three hours.

Thursday, January 26, 2012

Tag! You're It!

Despite my anxiety about traveling for work, my trip to Colorado went well, as I said in the last post.

In all honesty, I don't mind traveling. I have my Kindle, and my cell phone, and my laptop. I am plugged in, entertained and well fed.I don't sleep too well, but at least I have a big bed all to myself.

The worst part about traveling is the guilt. You would think I would feel most guilty about leaving the girls. But you would be wrong. Of course I miss the girls, but I spend lots of time with them, too. I am most guilty about leaving the Hoos.

While I don't know what it is like to be a single parent, I do know what it is like to spend a day or a night single-parenting. And it is HARD. And TIRING. And I feel really bad leaving the Hoos for a night or two on his own. For the record, he feels guilty when he leaves me too. It is just natural.

That being said, when I was away, the Hoos and the girls did just fine. I think the Hoos kind of liked leaving work a early on Tuesday to get LP off the bus. In fact the text he sent me was, "LP had a great day". When I asked later what was so great, he indicated basically his comment was based on her huge smile when she ran off the bus.

Other texts he sent me, included:
  • Can LP and AD take Doritos with lunch
  • Is cream cheese and jelly sandwich, doritos and slices of apple enough for AK? Same for LP but peanut butter and fluff
  • Going to Penny's [the local diner] with my parents tonight
  • We are at my parent's for bagels. Wish you were here
So, reading between the lines, he needed the most guidance on packing lunches (my job, which I hate, but it is a fact of parenthood) and he didn't have the girls alone for dinner either night I was away.

To me, what all of this really means? Is that I shouldn't feel guilty about going away. The Hoos is on top of things and doesn't even really need me.

Friday, January 20, 2012

A Winning Team

I am back home with my family! Yay! I had a good time in Colorado - which despite its reputation is way flatter than expected - and it was good for me professionally. So good, that I may have to travel again in the future.

I finally - FINALLY - developed some sort of rapport with my new boss. Up until this point we were awkward and just didn't really get each other. I am a direct New Yorker, he is a hippy from the San Francisco Bay Area. We just didn't have much in common. I know we respect each other, we just really didn't communicate well (or at all).

The good news is, we found a topic we could both rally around. The bad news - it was football. From my perspective this isn't bad news because I was born with good taste in football - GO BIG BLUE. Unfortunately, her is a 49ers fan. And, the 49ers and Giants are playing in the NFC Championship game this weekend.

So, depending on how the NY Giants play this weekend, we may be back to being not such good friends. Although I will be on the receiving end of $125 worth of gift cards (don't ask how we came up with that wager).

Any ideas from the peanut gallery on how to survive this? It is too late to rescind the bet and it is not an option to not back the Giants.

A friendly sponsor, Frito-Lay, offered up the idea of sending him some of their Scoops so he can console himself with snacks after the Giants trounce the 49ers. They will even throw in a set of "touchdown bowls". Fortunately (for a lot of reasons), my boss doesn't read this blog - but you do! Give me some good advice by the time the Giants' game kicks off on Sunday and Frito-Lay will send one lucky reader a bag of Scoops and the bowls to serve up healthy dips.

If you win, I won't even make you send them to my boss. He can like Frito-Lay on their Facebook fan page to win his own set. Then again, maybe a 49ers fan doesn't deserve consolation after all. Or, maybe I should send him the prize pack they are sending me for including this chance to win on the blog...

In a fortuitous coincidence, all of this is a true story: Frito-Lay contacted me about offering up the prize pack (and getting my own in exchange) at pretty much the same time I was having dinner with my new boss at Old Santa Fe in Louisville, CO. Thank you, Frito-Lay.

Monday, January 16, 2012

Packing It In

Tomorrow I am headed out on a business trip. While I have come a long way since my first business trip with kids, I still don't really relish them the way I used to before I had children. I don't know what has changed, my sense of adventure? My mentality? My ability to handle guilt? Other options:
  • Sleep. Despite the fact that my children have been waking me up in the middle of the night lately, I don't really sleep any better in a hotel.
  • Inconvenience. Two of the days I will be gone are LP's short days - which means the Hoos has to leave work early.
  • Routine. Like in most families, the Hoos and I have our assigned jobs. Among other things, I make the girls' lunch and pack their backpacks. A daily activity that the Hoos has to add to HIS daily routine (temporarily).
  • Snugs and Kisses. My co-workers are okay. But the people I really want to snuggle with won't be traveling with me.
  • The Snots. I will not miss the snots. But it seems like every time I go away or am planning on going away, someone gets sick. Dealing with the snots should really be a parentally shared experience in my opinion. 
Oh well. I am off to Colorado in the morning no matter what. I am sure the family will not only survive but have a great time without me. I know I won't have a great time without them,  but maybe, just maybe, I will find a way to relish two nights with a king-sized bed all to myself.

Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Snuggle Bunny

Yesterday I had to leave the house early for a drive to beautiful Providence, RI.

Before leaving, I went into AK's room. "Baby, mommy has to leave early for work, do you want to get up with me or wait until daddy comes?"

Without saying a word, I watched her literally rub the sleep out of her eyes and off of her body. She then sat up on her knees with her eyes closed and her arms outstretched, "Mama."


That is why it is worth it.

Wednesday, January 4, 2012

The Dramatic Arts

I thought I knew all about drama because I was once a little girl - and a teenage girl. But alas, I have discovered that you don't really know drama until you actually have a little girl.

Even better? Two little girls.

AK has an awesomely irritating fake cry. She brings it on easily and often when she doesn't get her way. I ignore it, but it can definitely be grating. And the best part is when her big sister feeds into it, offering up a soothing "It's okay, AK! Big sister is here," as she opens her arms for a big hug.

Luckily for me and the Hoos, AK whips out the heavy drama when we are in public. Sitting down in the middle of a store and fake crying because she wants to go left and we want to go right. The good news is, if you start walking away, calling "C'mon, Drama, let's go,"she gets up and follows. But she doesn't stop the fake crying. And I think many people in our local Target much actually think I gave my child the name "Drama." I didn't, but maybe I should have.

LP, if you can believe it, is even more showy. I think it is because her displays of drama are less often, so she just bottles it all up until a random explosion of ugly tantrum-ness.

Like yesterday. When she wanted to go swimming, but she didn't want to put her bathing suit on because she was comfy. She didn't want me to change her, she didn't want to change, she didn't want to wait and change in the locker room, and yet, she still wanted to go swimming and "it" was my fault.

I am not really sure what "it" is or was. But I did find the whole thing silly.

And then irritating. Because even if we weren't going swimming, we still needed to go and pick up AK from day care. So, after putting her coat and shoes on only to have them removed, I carried her to the car, sans coat and shoes, man-handled her into her booster, and drove off.

She loved this, as I am sure you can imagine.

"I wa-wa-wa-want Daddyyyyyyyy."

"We can call Daddy when you calm down, he can't understand you when you are worked up."

"YES HE CAN! You are making my throat hurt!"

"No, LP, you are making your throat hurt by yelling, calm down."


The Drama continued as I tried to get her coat and shoes on so we could go into the day care center. Red faced and wet-cheeked, we finally made it in and she ran ahead of me calling, "AK! I need a huggy and kissy."

The shocking thing - this is what they can do with only a few years of practice. What happens when they have a decade of stage experience?! Heaven help me. And readers, please assure me I am not alone!