Friday, March 2, 2007

Smell Ya Later

I am definitely one of those people that needs to shower to feel awake in the morning. I just don’t feel right lounging around in my PJs all day. I am astounded, actually, to see teenage girls out during the day in their pajama pants, acting as if it is the height of fashion. No, it is disgusting. Anyway, even when LP was a newborn, I found a way to shower every day. Sometime I would lay her in her crib and take a 2 minute shower. As she has got bigger I came up with new strategies to ensure I could shower. Most recently I have been strapping her into the bouncy seat, which has a permanent place in our upstairs bathroom.

This morning was like any other Friday. I am working from home, so I slept in a little bit. That meant that I missed my opportunity to shower before LP woke up. No problem, I figured I would strap her into the bouncy after we both ate breakfast and that would be that. Well, I strapped her into the bouncy and made it through most of the shower, but just as I was about to put the conditioner in my hair I hear LP mewling. When I open the shower door to check on her, there she is – suspended from the bouncy, still connected around her waist, holding herself up with one hand. Apparently she stretched out to the side to reach something and couldn’t quite get the leverage to right herself. After righting the situation (and drenching my bathroom floor – hey, why should my basement be the only room flooding on such a rainy and miserable day?) I was able to finish my shower.

Now I am thinking, with LP being more mobile, how exactly am I supposed to shower when we are home alone together? It seems cruel to leave her in her crib, wide awake, with the side up; I can’t just leave her to crawl around without me being able to keep am eye on her. The best answer can’t possibly be that I have to forgo an extra hour of sleep in order to get up and get ready before she wakes up, can it?


I am Karen D. (a 'WAFHM"): said...

Oh, how I remember those days! It makes the most common of tasks unbelievably complicated!

Have you tried one of those entertainer things? That's what I did, except I certainly had my time limit. (I felt so bad just leaving her bored all by herself too!)

Nowadays showering is a spectator sport. Good times!

yerdoingitwrong said...

I hear the exersaucer is a dream come true!!! My baby isn't old enough yet, but I bought one for future need via Craigs List!

AmyBow said...

I forgot about the ExerSaucer. Thanks for the reminder!

maya said...

My friends at work forced me to put one of those exersaucers on my registry even though I insisted I did not need one ...they swore that it would come in very handy for times like this ...
Most gadgets have their days when they just won't do their magic and I am left with having to do my own song and dance in the shower and have my little one watch me while I buy an extra minute or two to get the shampoo if my hair ;)
Good luck!