Thursday, February 15, 2007

Sweet Relief

I have never been so happy to see a machine in my life as when I limped into the house at 1:15 this morning. My feet hurt, my heart ached, I was a bit nauseous from the awful landing at Newark airport...but the sight of my Medela PumpInStyle almost made me cry.

I took off my shoes, sat down on the floor and pumped 10 ounces in 15 minutes. Then I went upstairs to peek in on LP, go to the bathroom, and slip into bed.

LP was even more gorgeous than I remembered. I didn't even mind when she woke us up around 6 and Daddy found her sitting up in her crib. But I really loved it when she cried out at 7:45 and I brought her into bed with me and held her close. It was like heaven - for both of us.

Update: I called EvenFlo to complain about the stinky pump. I told them that I can imagine someone giving up breast-feeding if that was the only pumping experience they had. The are going to give me an exchange credit for any other EvenFlo products (because it sure as heck wouldn't be another pump) with free shipping, etc. So I guess the pump isn't totally useless.

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