Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Maintaining Focus

As nice as it would be for the world to totally revolve around me, that isn't going to happen. Even in my last few days of pregnancy. Although, I must admit it was nice for the Hoos to do all of the clean-up after LP's birthday party on Saturday so I wouldn't strain myself.

Yesterday I had to pick LP up a bit early from school because she had a fever. It hovered around 102 (even with the Motrin) until bedtime and fortunately hasn't come back today - which is good because it is her 2nd birthday! Unfortunately, she needs 24 hours of being fever free before returning to school. I made cupcakes the other day for her to share with her friends, so hopefully she can just bring them to school a day late to share and celebrate. I am pretty confident that she won't know the difference.

In terms of child care, the Hoos and I split today; he was home with the bunny munchkin this morning and I am home with her now. Even though this means I have to deal with getting her to nap, it is worth it, because it also means I can get in a few more hours of work while she naps.

Also, since tomorrow is my last day working for three months it is important for me to finish up tasks and get people up to speed on things. I am in good shape with my project lists all lined up and accessible, especially with the chance that I could be out of pocket any minute now...but I would really like to be sure that I am not leaving anyone in a lurch.

In Bun news, I had a doctor's appointment and ultrasound yesterday. No change in terms of my progress (hey - at least I am not going backwards) and the baby is a nice size. Around 7lbs, 4ozs now with a likely birth weight around 7lbs, 9. Definitely doable considering LP was 7lbs, 15ozs:

Now we just wait...


KiKi said...

Not much longer now! You'll soon be greeting your new beautiful baby. YAY!

You'll also be kissing the office goodbye for a good while. BOO!


DaisyJo_Mom said...

Happy Birthday LP!! LD will surely enjoy the cupcakes today. She was really cranky this morning so I am sure that will brighten her day. Can't wait to her the BUN news. See you soon and good luck. Please call us if you need anything - we will be glad to help!