Thursday, May 29, 2008

This Is It

Today is my last day at work for 3 months. I would try to sound sad for my colleagues, but I would just be lying. And, truthfully, some of them are looking forward to being rid of me.

I have to admit that I was one of those people that got a tad bored during my maternity leave last go round. Regardless of the boredom I did manage to maintain some shreds of dignity by refusing to watch Dr. Phil. This time I was smart and asked LP and the Hoos for DVDs for Mother's Day. I am looking forward to nursing while watching episodes of Weeds, a show I have heard a lot about but never seen (we don't get Showtime) and the entire series of My So-Called Life. I figure those should last me a couple of weeks and individual episodes are easier to watch than movies. Any other suggestions on DVDs I should look into getting? I thought about the second season of Dexter, but I thought perhaps that might be inappropriate.

Other plans include lots of walking, little sleeping and a whole lot of eating up my little Bun while being mobile enough again to really enjoy LP. The whole not-being-able-to-bend-at-the-waist thing sure makes it hard to play with a toddler.

I am really pleased that my kids will not have the same birthday - that was important to me for some reason. I am also hoping not to go into labor in the next 24 hours because LP has her 2-year check up tomorrow and I would just as soon get that taken care of. I am a very practical Virgo, you know. A Virgo with absolutely no control over when this baby pops out.


Wenderina said...

Miss you already. Enjoy your leave. Hoping you have an easy and drug-free (only cuz you want it that way) delivery. COME BACK. I won't say soon. I'll just say COME BACK.

Anonymous said...

And you're off... best to you this leave, Amy. Hope the baby comes soon and infuses your family's life with as much joy and happiness as LP.

A's Mom said...

Good luck with everything. We can't wait to meet little Bun!