Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Do I Make You Nervous?

Apparently being very pregnant makes people curious and nervous.

First, the awkward questions:
  • When are you due? {12 days folks, and I was three days late last time}
  • Why are you still working and when is your last day? {Is there something else I should be doing? Sitting at my desk is way less strenuous then watching LP or running errands and it causes way less anxiety than sitting home and WAITING}
  • What if you go into labor at the office? {First, I will have to figure out if I am really in labor, than I call the Hoos and drive myself to the hospital. Babies don't pop out instantly, you know.}
  • Aren't you scared your water is going to break in public? {Only 15% of women have their water break. But anyway, no. It might be embarrassing, but at least I will know for sure I am in labor and not experiencing Braxton Hicks}
  • Who is going to watch LP when you go into labor? {Doesn't that sort of depend on when I go into labor? e.g., middle of the night, the morning}
  • Do you think you could get any bigger? How much weight have you gained? {No comment}
  • Aren't you ready to have the baby already? {I am ready when the baby is ready. I am not going to be miserable and complain because it won't make the baby come any faster. Also, I knew what I was in for when I got pregnant. I am going to have a happy and healthy baby in no time; a lot of people try really hard to have kids, why would I complain when I am going to have a new son or daughter in only a few weeks?}

Then the looks:

  • Fear. As in, "OMG. Please do not let her go into labor when she is standing near me. Then I might have to actually do something about it."
  • Pity. This look says, "I bet everything hurts and she is miserable. I would be home in bed or on my couch if I was her."
  • Horror. "I think she might explode. Is a woman supposed to stick out that far in front?"


KiKi said...

Do you make me nervous? You bet. I'm nervous that you might pop the next person who asks, "Do you think you could get any bigger? How much weight have you gained?"

Anonymous said...

There is just no lacking in stupid questions or stupid people, is there?

I hope that these last few weeks are good ones for you, despite all discomforts, especially those caused by the dull of brain.

3XMom said...

lol. I always worked up til the day. The hardest problem for me was that cabs would not stop to pick me up. They would start to swerve over to get me, get a load of that huge belly, and drive right on by. Did they think I would deliver in the cab??!!

Stephanie said...

I never cease to be amazed by the things people will say or do without thinking first. Ugh.

Love your attitude on the whole thing, though. I haven't commented much lately, but I have been checking back regularly to see if Bun has graced us with his/her presence. :)