Thursday, May 1, 2008

Prior Planning Means Jack

There is a saying, "Proper prior planning and preparation prevents piss poor performance," which is all well and fine; unfortunately prior preparation and planning doesn't work with a baby's arrival. Plan for a specific due date all you want, that kid is coming whenever it dang well pleases (for the most part).

LP was born three days after her due date of May 25th, but I believe that May 28th was the first date my doctor gave me. I eagerly discarded it and went with the 25th when the ultrasound tech and OBGYN starting using that as the basis for all of my testing, etc. I recognize I am actually lucky to have gone into labor naturally so close to my due date.

The first time around, everyone is really really eager for their baby to arrive. We all think we are going to go early. Alas, lots of people go into labor well beyond their due dates and quite a few end up being induced. There is nothing quite like sitting on your couch and watching the time tick by on the day you very well expect your new addition to pop out.

These last few days the realization has started to hit that I am actually going to have a baby in the very near term. For the last 35.5 weeks I have been quite confident that Bun was going to arrive exactly on his/her due date.

And then...

Yesterday afternoon I started to get this nagging feeling that despite my absolute confidence that June 2nd was the day, that might not happen. MY INTUITION IS TELLING ME I WILL GO SOONER. This is not one of those "hopeful" feelings I had the first time around, it is more of a feeling of "Good lord, what is my body doing? I have four and a half weeks, why do I feel like my body is further along in this process than my head?!"

To put everyone at ease, I assure you, I am not experiencing frequent Braxton-Hicks; I have not had a doctor confirm anything or tell me I am dilated or effaced (Monday is my 36 week visit); I did not tell the Hoos to carry his cell phone at all times; I have not placed a plastic bag on the driver's seat of my car or under my sheets in case my water breaks. I am not saying the baby's arrival is imminent, I am just saying that this baby may have a May birthday.

Now that I jinxed myself and put it out there, I should be all set to deliver in mid-June.


Manager Mom said...

I hope you keep cookin' the little for as long as it needs, and no longer. :-)

You should start a pool on the blog for a "guess the date". Keep 10% to start the kid's 529 college savings fund!!!

A's Mom said...

Unfortunately, just like the military, it's a wait and see game. All that matters is that s/he is a healthy baby!

Also thank you for the suggestions of activities for A! The puzzle idea is great -especially since I can get some large piece ones at the Dollar Store. I've been trying to sit back and read a magazine while he plays. Sometimes it last 5 minutes, others he's on me right from the start. A friend of mine recommended having him help with cleaning the house (which is always an added bonus) or letting him play in the sink with plastic dishes.

I'll let you know.

P.S. I tried to email you via your link, but it didn't work.

Wenderina said...

Aha. So this is why you have created the file of your tasks with up to the minute info. Everyone has been saying you look further along (although they are crazy you look fantabulous) for months now. Maybe they were actually right?

KiKi said...

S/he'll come when s/he's good n ready. I have a feeling you will be gone before the 29th though :(