Tuesday, May 6, 2008

Define "Too Soon"

Perhaps I didn't speak too soon regarding LP and the big girl bed. Last night she somehow convinced the Hoos to let her sleep on the mattress instead of the crib. She was even quiet and asleep by 9 - much better than the previous evenings. As we relaxed on the couch we tried not to jinx anything (or talk too loud and risk waking her up).

Flash forward to 1:15: cute little footsteps sounds from the hallway and a little munchkin appears in the bedroom door. I pulled LP up onto the bed with us and she snuggled in. Unfortunately, a pregnant and restless mommy is not so great a sleeping companion, so despite the fact that the cuddling ROCKED, the Hoos returned LP to her crib. Neither of us had the energy to deal with trying to convince her to return to sleep peacefully on the mattress. Fortunately after less than a minute of crying she fell back asleep.

We will see what tonight holds on that front.

In terms of Bun news, the Hoos has informed me that we are now in alert level four on a five point scale. I believe we jumped from zero (not realizing I was even pregnant) to four in one day. I am still feeling fine and am not really convinced that this baby will come early. I am sure all of the talk has jinxed me into having this baby way late. Regardless, I have had to return to starting all phone calls with "Hi, it's me; no, I am not in labor."


A's Mom said...

That's too funny (husband) and cute (LP). I remember me having to say that to hubby when I was pregnant. Every little thing he was jumping toward the door for us to run to the hospital. Apparently, that doesn't go away with baby #2.

Anonymous said...

Hang in there, Amy! You can do it! Bun will be here in no time. Enjoy being a one-baby mama for alittle longer.