Monday, May 5, 2008

Reality Sets In

Reality #1: LP is not ready for a big girl bed.

Granted, a big girl bed is a far cry from a mattress on the floor, but considering how much LP loves the bed and enjoys jumping up and running around instead of sleeping in it, we may not be prepared for either at this point. Because the mattress is on the floor, you can't really "make" the bed, meaning there is really no sense of commitment to bedtime. LP actually hates the tucked in blankets and sheets on our bed and refuses to have them even touch her when she does climb in on a Saturday morning. However, it is just not possible for us to deal with trying to get her to sleep until 10 each night. Last night at 10 of 10 I unceremoniously plopped her in her crib. We will try again next weekend. And maybe get the mattress off the ground in the meantime.

Reality #2: We are having a baby.

I know, I know, this is not really a shift in what I have known for the last nine months. But after speaking with my OB this morning, I am starting to realize just how little time we have left.

The doctor confirmed that I am progressing (at 36 weeks!! Eeekkk!). After pointing out that second babies come earlier and quicker than first babies, he told me not to wait until my contractions are three minutes apart to call the hospital. Five to six minutes would be better. He also added, "We will have to talk if you get to one to two weeks before your due date. We don't want to risk you giving birth on 95."

Umm...hell, no, we don't want me giving birth on 95. The traffic between Norwalk and Stamford is bad enough without us making it worse. And, believe me, the Hoos is a great husband, a wonderful dad and excellent at what he does - he is not, however, a doctor. And he is really not prepared to deliver our child.


KiKi said...

Imagining the Hoos trying to deliver the Bun made me hoot......... PIMP, that would be priceless.

3XMom said...

I have a friend who, a few weeks ago, gave birth to her child herself while being wheeled into the hospital. She pushed the baby out while sitting in the wheelchair - STILL WEARING HER PANTS! It can be done. LOL

Anonymous said...

Love, love, love Stamford Hospital! We had both our darlings there!

Um, no. You definitely don't want to give birth on 95. Ugh.