Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Because it Grows on Trees

So the Hoos and I gave into the media hype/overwhelming research/guilt and decided to purchase BPA-free bottles for Bun. This will mean tossing all of the Avent bottles that I accumulated during LP's infanthood and replacing them. I remember thinking when we bought the Avent bottles"Damn! these suckers are expensive! And a pain in the ass to clean! I sure am glad that I breast feed most of the time."

How naive I was two years ago. I had no idea what really expensive bottles were. The BPA free bottles from the most oft-quoted sources - Born Free and Green to Grow - are RIDICULOUSLY expensive. Like almost $10 a bottle. Fortunately, I am a bargain hunter and I discovered that Nuby bottles are also BPA free. And at Babies R Us they are $7.50 for a three pack. Praise the Lord! Sure, I had to buy some regular nipples because reviews say that the Nuby nipple may be difficult for newborns, but still the cost comparison isn't even close. I paid less for 6 nipples and 6 bottles than for three fancy-schmancy BPA-free bottles.

Of course it isn't really about the money. Although it is frustrating that in order to ensure the health of my kids I need to throw out countless bottles and sippy cups that I was hoping to reuse. It doesn't seem very environmentally friendly to continually replace with a "better product". I want my kids to be healthy and happy and I don't want to put them at undue risk, but I can't help but wonder if I am overreacting. Is all of this BPA media attention warranted?

As an FYI - Nuby sippy cups are also BPA free, which is fantastic, because I recently transitioned LP to Nuby sippies and I have no desire to buy yet another round of cups for her. The real reason for the transition was that the Gerber Grip cups started to leak and the Nuby's seem to hold it together better, but it does work out well that I have someone managed to be prescient and bought her "healthier" cups.

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Tiffany said...

I recently ordered glass baby bottles from Babies R Us for $9.99 for 6 bottles. I still have not replaced the sippy cups in the house yet.