Thursday, May 22, 2008

Mutually Exclusive

Apparently, in the last few weeks of pregnancy clothing can not be both comfortable and fit.

Not that I like having my gut exposed to the breeze, but because of my decidedly pointy beach ball shaped belly very few shirts actually cover it. Even maternity shirts that look really really long when you buy them early in pregnancy somehow shrink, curl up and stretch beyond their limits by the time you reach the end of the gestation period.

I am one foxy beast, y'all.


Robyn said...

I sooooooo remember those days! Trust me, you look way better than you think you do.

Enjoy these last few weeks (as much as you can) because clothing will be the last thing on your mind once Bun arrives!

themommykelly said...

Wowsa, Mama!

A's Mom said...

And yet no photos to prove it. Don't worry, I'll take your word for it! :)

Manager Mom said...

Just go with it. Embrace your inner white trash (we all have it) and let the skin show!!!

Have a great holiday weekend!!!

Stephanie said...

Funny, I'm having that same problem... and I'm not pregnant! I think there might be a band of evil elves in my dryer whose sole goal in life is to shrink my clothing.