Monday, May 19, 2008

Party Pooper

Yesterday was our youngest nephew's 5th birthday party. Two things LP loves most in the world are her cousins and parties. This was heaven for her. The highlight for most of the kids was the HUGE bounce house obstacle course set up in the gym of the local community center. My kid really just loved running around the gym - and, for some odd reason, to the door. She couldn't open the door, but she sure liked running over to it.

Anyway, her fabulous Aunt Denise and Cousin M were kind enough to take LP through the bounce house and up a steep ladder and down an enormous and very slippery slide. Aside from the fact that there is no way in hell my stiff pregnant butt could have gone through the bouncing obstacle course, they had to put up with 15 five-year-olds flinging themselves about the inside of the house at the same time. Not my idea of heaven, that is for sure.

This exhausting exercise was followed by cake. One of LP's favorite food groups. While other kids were distracted by activity and ran away after eating only a smidge of cake, LP devoured hers and practically licked the crumbs off of the plate. That is my girl!

Later in the day we met up with LP's cousins and my in-laws again for dinner. LP was having a grand old time playing in the downstairs playroom while her two male cousins played simultaneously and oblivious to her existence (except when she bugged them). Suddenly I hear, "Mommy! Pee!" I go downstairs to see my little angel without pants on, her onesie open and no diaper in sight.

First of all, I had no idea she knew how to unsnap a onesie. I guess that won't be a problem when we get serious about potty training. Second of all, I found the diaper soon enough. It had a nice little poop in it and was placed nicely, poop side up, in the garbage can next to the toilet. LP was only calling me to ask me to put her up on the toilet so she could complete her act and pretend to pee. (This is quite common, after removing her clothing, I have to perch her on the potty and wait five seconds until she yells "all done!" and then put a new diaper on her.) Perhaps now is the time to start getting serious about potty training, eh?

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3XMom said...

yes! i would say she is ready. Good luck!