Saturday, May 3, 2008

Because She Rocks!

Last night, as LP's bedtime neared, I asked her if she wanted to go upstairs to the "Baby's Room" to change. She jumped at the chance (she loves the Baby's Room) and ran up the stairs to pick out her PJs. By the time my slow, pregnant butt made it up to the nursery, LP was on her back on the floor, with her pants off, ready for me to change her diaper.

While I was changing her she looked at me and asked "Night-night? Floor?". This time, I jumped at the chance, "Sure, munchkin bunny, we can make that happen." Once she had a dry diaper and fresh, clean pajamas on, she watched me drag the bottom twin mattress from the trundle bed in the nursery into her bedroom. By "watched" I mean, every time I would stop she would run at the mattress like an excited crazy person. Good thing her bedroom is directly across the hall from the nursery.

We set the mattress up on the floor next to her crib and transferred all of her nappies (blankets) and babies to the "big girl bed". I brought over some books and we splayed out to read. Not that much reading was accomplished because she was so excited she kept jumping up to add more babies to the mattress. Finally, after a song (or two or five), I told her I was going to leave. Her response? "Mommy, milk, cuppie."

I returned with a sippy full of milk and quietly left the room. When I came downstairs and told the Hoos about the miracle in process he was appropriately stunned (after yelling at me for moving the mattress). Amazingly, all was quiet for about 15 minutes. Around 9:15 I hear, "Mommy? All done." and there is LP at the top of the stairs, holding out her drained milk cup.

I took the cup from her and thanked her and walked her back to her room. After another song and some rearranging of blankets she asked for some more milk. I semi-obliged and returned with a sippy of water and went back downstairs. By 9:30 she was out like a light, crashed across the mattress. It was a beautiful sight.

Of course, we had no idea what was in store for us for the rest of the night. Just in case LP got the urge to wander, the Hoos put a baby gate across the top of the stairs to prevent any accidents. I was fully expecting to have a visitor at 3am.

At 7:15 this morning we heard the pitter patter of little feet, "Mommy? Daddy?"

Shortly thereafter she returned to our room with a pull-up. I guess a sippy full of milk before bed makes for a pretty uncomfortable morning diaper. She proceeded to remove her pajama pants and wet diaper and attempt to put on the pull-up. Although it looked really cute for her to have two legs sticking out of the same leg hole, it wasn't very practical both in terms of protection and movement.

Anyway, I am trying really hard not to jinx us. Five months ago I swore LP was on the verge of being potty trained. All I can report is that right now LP is napping soundly on her mattress...and I am so proud of my little cutie pie that I can hardly stand it.

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KiKi said...

Right on, LP. The thought of her with two legs sticking out of the same Pullups hole made me lol.