Thursday, May 8, 2008

The Horror!

One of the perks of being pregnant is that people are nice to you. Or at least nicer to you than they would be normally. Last week a man offered to exchange places with me in line - he was at the front and I was a few people back. I declined, but it was certainly nice of him - especially since it was a hot day and LP and I were in line for ice cream at Stew's.

On the other hand, sometimes this "niceness" manifests itself in people meaning well but really just being obnoxious. Not just pointing out that you are only a few pounds short of a house, but tsk-ing you for anything they deem to be a transgression. The other day a woman gave me a dirty look for carrying LP. Hello! We were in a parking lot, I can only imagine what you would have done if I let her walk. And heaven forbid I try to run (and I stress try) after LP when she takes off on the playground, the look of abject horror on the surrounding faces is actually quite humorous.

PEOPLE! I know my body and I know my limits. Sure, sometimes I attempt to stretch them a little bit, but in the end I won't (and at this point can't) do things that will in any way harm Bun...or put me into labor.


Manager Mom said...

one of my many grievances with being pregnant was that i felt that my body no longer was for just me and my child, but the world at large felt that they deserved an ownership stake.

I could deal with the 'helpful' comments on my activity level, but I got really freaked out by the touching. Strangers would come up and just feel free to lay hands on the big 'ol belly. I don't even like to be touched by my own friends and family without appropriate warning...

KiKi said...

Recently, a close friend of mine was told by her doctor that either her due date was miscalculated or they will induce her very early. She is very petite and has always been very slim, so her doctor joked that there wasn't anymore space for the baby. While she isn't due until early July, the baby is already estimated at 7 lbs.

My point in bringing this up is that she would do cartwheels if she could. This woman lifts both of her children (ages 5 and 7), does squats, jumps rope, etc. - all to the horror of bystanders. She jokingly replies that she is indeed trying to induce labor. But since when does being pregnant render you to be an invalid?

Yeah, yeah - I know I'm a dork. All this coming from a woman who cringed when poor pregnant Amybow had to hold the door for her.