Thursday, May 8, 2008

Getting Hot in Here

It has been too long since I complained about day care, don't you think?

Spring has kinda, sorta, on occasion, sprung here in New England. That means we have had a few 70 degree days where LP and her little classmates bust out the short sleeves and leave the jackets at home.

Since LP's dimply little arms are quite pale, it is pretty important that her sensitive skin get sunscreen. The Hoos applies it in the morning when the weather is good, but if the kids go outside in the afternoon chances are the sunscreen is not as potent. As such, we brought in sunscreen a couple of weeks ago. The Hoos was told that he can to complete a "topical form" in order for her teachers to be allowed to apply the sunscreen.

I filled out a form and dropped it off with her teachers. Shortly thereafter the assistant director stopped me in the hallway and told me the form was not complete. I needed to specify THE BRAND of sunscreen on the form in order for them to feel comfortable applying it. Because, you know, it wasn't clear enough that it was THE BRAND THAT I BROUGHT IN AND LEFT IN HER CUBBY. Not one to be contrary, I carefully wrote "Water Babies" onto the form and returned it.

A few days later we notice that the sunscreen is missing from LP's cubby. The teachers say the office has it, the offices says the teachers have it and the Director tells me that the sunscreen was sent home because "they aren't ready to apply it." Despite the fact that several other kids' cubbies have bottles of sunscreen in them.
  1. It was never sent home.
  2. What the hell does that mean "they aren't ready to apply it"?

I brought in the sunscreen, I filled out the form, I corrected the form, I say when I want it applied. Not them. How can they determine when the sun is hot and when my little munchkin needs protecting? Is there some sort of solar UV index calendar that is only distributed to lazy day care directors?


Tiffany said...

I think it should be there responsbility to make sure all kids have sunscreen on before they go outside. Do they want to give your child a sunburn and possibly skin cancer. It might be time to find a new daycare.

Anonymous said...

Tell me, tell me. What the hell is wrong with these people? The cost of daycare around here is through the roof and they can't even get the sunscreen right?! Come on, people! Get it together!

Susan said...

That is CRAZY!!! I would be upset as well! Not ready to apply it? What is that suspose to mean? I am sorry you have to deal with that. I have enjoyed reading your blog. I am from CT and MISS IT SO MUCH!!!

Wenderina said...

Have you reminded them that Hoos is a LAWYER?