Friday, October 19, 2007

All Dressed Up

We have already established that I am not one of those crafty moms. I would love to be better at arts and crafts and sewing, but either you got it or you don't. And I really don't. This means that LP will forever wear purchased costumes on Halloween.

Last year, she was the most adorable flower. She wore a costume that my mother purchased before she was even conceived (my mother was a bit...umm...eager to have a gaggle of grandchildren).

This year, the only costume my mom had on hand was a pumpkin in a size 3T. Figuring LP would not be able to move in a suit so big, I picked up a ladybug costume from Old Navy. Of course, it took half an hour to pick it out, with me on the phone to the Hoos: "Monkey, ladybug or lion." Him: "I don't know, which will she be cutest in?" Me: "Well that is a silly question. She will be cute in each and every costume. Even the skunk."

I guess I did a good job, because LP loves it. I have it hanging on the coat closet door handle and she likes to go over and pet it. This morning when I asked if she wanted to put it on, she did a happy dance. She then wore it around the house, going about her typical activities while dressed as the most adorable little bug ever.

As an aside, I should have known this would be the perfect costume. Ever since our run-in last month with the huge praying mantis, LP has been fascinated by bugs. It takes us 10 minutes to get into the house every day after school because she squats down next to our enormous hydrangea (which we saw the mantis disappear under), pointing and yelling "bug! bug!".


Tiffany said...

What a little cutie!! I must she is the cutest as a flower - I just want to pick her up and give her kisses!! I am not sure what my 2 year old is going to be. My mother-in-law is suppose to be sending some stuff out for Halloween - so I thought I would wait until that shows up - if not I will pick something up.

Wenderina said...

Too adorable. Love that she pets it while it's hanging up and that she wants to wear it at times other than halloween night. See my post today for picture of my great-nephew - not in costume, but cute as a button anyway...

GreenStyleMom said...

She looks so darn cute as a ladybug! And she looked really cute as a flower also. Kate was a flower a couple years ago. Little girls look so cute as flowers.

The funny thing about making Kate's costume is that I'm really NOT all that crafty. I'm just occasionally crafty when the feeling hits, which isn't very often. And you saw that I bought Jack's costume right? :)

Khaliya said...

Oh man - I love it!!! She is too cute in that, but I would've also liked to see the skunk one, lol. You're right she's a doll and would shine in anything.