Tuesday, October 23, 2007

Some LP Moments

Here are some email notes that I dashed off to the Hoos yesterday as well as a few additional observations.

2:00: We stopped by Stew's to visit the animals. Apparently they are already "on vacation" until spring. That was a bummer because LP loves the goats. She didn't seem to mind too much, though, since we shared an ice cream.

2:30ish: She thought the composter was a fort and crawled into it under the door (which I slightly raised so I could get a ball out that I had thrown in). She sat in there for 10 minutes playing with the grass. She didn't even care that she scratched herself up crawling in and out.

3:15: LP just dragged the kitchen chair across the floor to the sink. She started thumping on it and saying "bubbles". Apparently making bubbles is her new favorite thing in the world. This lasted until she turned the cup of soapy water over on to me.

4:40: Now she is sitting on the floor in the office coloring her hands and feet with her magic markers. Good thing the stuff comes off relatively easily, because otherwise it would take an extra 10 minutes for her bath.

Now that you have more insight into my days with LP, I will try to come up with something exciting to write about tomorrow. I have to imagine life is more stimulating that the minutiae of my day. Feel free to request topics.


Shari said...

What???? That is the exciting stuff!!!!

Haley said...

Thanks for the advice on my blog. I appreciate it and I really feel better after yours and everyone's comments!

And I'm glad that people are reading my blog!! Woo!