Wednesday, October 3, 2007

Day Care Reflux...I Mean Redux

I am sorry to harp on the day care situation, but this blog is about what is on my mind and this is definitely taking up a big portion of my brain lately.

Almost exactly four months ago, I complained about LP's day care and decided to investigate other potential schools. Of course, inertia won out and I quickly soothed my ruffled feathers and canceled my appointments with alternate programs. At the time my reasoning was that the teachers were excellent and truly cared about my daughter and hopefully, the administration would make strides to improve.

Unfortunately, my favorite teacher has moved to a preschool classroom, new teachers have moved in and the administration still sucks (as evidenced by this and this). Recently, I have tried to limit my run-ins with the director because I am finding it more difficult to hide my disdain. The Hoos wrote her off a long time ago and pretty much avoids her.

Yesterday, I once again had cause to seek out the director. I was given a new form for Tylenol by one of LP's teachers and told that "the one we have on file is for prescription medicine and Tylenol is non-prescription, so you need a new form filled out by your doctor." That sounded funny to me, especially since the new form said "prescription" and "prescriber" on it several times. The teacher was only doing what she was told, plus she had a room full of kids, so I instead went to the office to get my questions answered.

After 10 minutes of the receptionist trying to help me to no avail, the director stepped in. I was trying to get a copy of the completed form so I could understand the differences. The director brought me over two blank forms - one for non-prescription topical medications and one for prescription medicines which was identical to the blank form I had been given. She then explained to me that Tylenol was not topical. It took a lot of will-power not to give her a dirty look (or cause her injury) at this point. I explained that I was confident that neither the doctor nor I would have filled out a topical form for Tylenol and again requested to see the completed form which should be on file.

The completed forms apparently are kept in the classroom, so the director called down and asked the teacher to bring the form to the front desk. Hello, ding-a-ling, if you have a teacher come up here, the classroom will be out of ratio - school is still in session and the room is full of kids. Finally realizing this, she sent the receptionist to get the form.

"Oh, you see what the problem is? The form says 'give the Tylenol for fever' but it doesn't say what temperature. We have this problem a lot." Are you freaking kidding me?! First, why didn't you have the teacher to tell me that in the first place, and second why don't you just give me the old form and I will fill in a temperature?!?!

A father standing behind me near the office shrugged sympathetically and intimated that they had the same problem. As I walked away I heard him ask her what was going on at the Center and if they would be getting their act together soon...


Shari said...

You sometimes wonder if these people have any business at all taking care of children... How frustrating!

Anonymous said...

OMG! It is soooo difficult to trust someone (especially these idiots) with caring for your child. As a mom, I share your anger. I'd say you might want to make appointments and find another place! Good luck whatever you do.

Tiffany said...

This is why I enjoyplacing my duaghter in an in-home state licensed daycare but I still have issues. My babysitter is only suppose to take 2 weeks off a year but this year we are up to 3 full weeks plus so many other days she has cancelled (her husband does not drive and since he has been having issues with his teeth she has to cancel daycare to take him to the dentist.) we are up to at least a month off.

GreenStyleMom said...

That is so "fustrating" (sorry! couldn't help myself!)

Unfortunately, I think it is only the beginning of many more years of frustrating administrators and teachers in schools. Kate's preschool last year had me dumbfounded at times (fortunately no problems at our new school this year), and my neighbor was just complaing to me this morning about the elementary school.

Khaliya said...

You've got to be kidding me... and I thought my daycare was bad, this person sounds like an airhead. Both my daughter's pediatrician and allergist keep copies of everything in their files, and whenever we visit either of them, they always inquire, "Does her teacher need this form again?" lol