Thursday, October 4, 2007

Taking the Plunge

Okay, we did it, we entered the 21st century and ordered DVR service from our cable company. The box should arrive in 3-5 days and then away we go.

The impetus was really that the Hoos got into a new show, Chuck, on Monday night and had to miss the ending to bathe LP. The same thing happened to me last night with Pushing Daisies. In addition, a few months ago I ordered the "SportsPak" of channels, specifically so that the Hoos could watch some of his fishing shows. Unfortunately for him, the timing is never right and he misses more shows than he catches (no pun intended).

This was not a decision that we came to lightly. Both the Hoos and I wanted to be convinced that having the DVR would not have us watching MORE TV, but rather we would watch BETTER TV. We don't want to be slaves to our boob tube.

The hope is that instead of watching whatever crappy show happens to be on when we want to relax on the couch, we will now be able to watch shows that we are actually interested in. No more P. Allen Smith (a gardening show the Hoos loves and I despise), no more staying up until 11 to see the conclusion on Lost, and no more of missing the end of shows that happen to fall during LP's bath time (anything on from 8-9).

I did confirm that we can cancel at any time, just in case we find ourselves becoming lumpy...


Shari said...

You're theory is correct. Because...
1) Could not live without my DVR. Having children, a job and watching regularly scheduled Television do not mix.
2) I watch less television, but I always watch exactly what I want and when I want. It ALSO saves us from renting movies all the time. We go through and find movies on in the middle of the night and things like and record them so we have them when we're in the mood for movie day.

You'll see! Total life saver.

GreenStyleMom said...

Let us know how you like it! We aren't big TV watchers, but it seems that nothing good is on when I want to watch. I'm not sure if it is worth the investment.

Last night I was beat so I climbed in bed early and flipped channels. I would have loved to have watched an episode of Oprah.

Wenderina said...

DVR Rules!! I probably watch the same amount of tv, but 95% of is it what I actually want to watch. Best feature...even if you are home when the show starts, wait 15 minutes and then start watching it. Then - no commercials! A 30 minute show in 17 minutes - more time for LP and Hoos, less time for gillette, coca-cola, and Geico cavemen...unless you want the new caveman show, I guess.

Wenderina said...

TIP: Make sure when you program in your fav shows, you add a couple minutes on the end. I've noticed when I schedule for on the hour I tend to lose the last minute of the show. I was losing way too many cliffhangers!