Tuesday, October 9, 2007

Real! Live! Celebrities!

No, not really. Just the characters from Sesame Street during our visit to Sesame Place this past weekend.

LP had a great time with her cousins. She even went on some rides and waited patiently in line! I think she most enjoyed the fact that we let her run around to her heart's content since people were very aware of children moving about. I have never been to a place so packed with strollers and pregnant women. It must be the destination of choice for expecting parents to prepare the under-10 set for big brother- and sisterhood.

We don't have many pictures since our digital camera mysteriously broke last week. It appears to have been dropped on the floor. Hmm...I wonder how that happened? Anyway, we ordered a new one that arrived today, so hopefully the quality of the accompanying graphics will improve in the coming months.

Here is a picture of LP, hanging with her cousins. (From left to right: J, LP, and K and me hiding in the background). While they are all gorgeous (and smart, and well-behaved), there doesn't appear to be much of a family resemblance. This is weird especially since LP looks a lot like my side of the family and these are my brother's daughters. They all do have the same beautiful blue eyes though!

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Lori said...

Maybe there is no physical resemblance, but I swear I remember you having that identical tie-dye t-shirt. Some things never change... :)