Thursday, October 25, 2007

ABC Meme

I was tagged by themommykelly to complete a blog post about the ABC's of me. Basically, I tell you a little about me by using the alphabet.

Shari, you said you had nothing to blog about, so consider yourself tagged after me.
  • A - A my first initial
  • B - My middle initial before I got married and my last initial now
  • C - My last initial before I got married (yes, my initials were ABC) and middle initial now
  • D - Daughter, in case you can't tell who my life revolves around
  • E - Energy and lack thereof
  • F - I had a whole blog posting about this letter
  • G - Gidget, you know the show about the girl midget. I can relate. No, I am not a little person...
  • H - Hippy. A word that has been used to describe members of my family
  • I - Itchy ears. I have this thing where the inside of my ears itch way too much...
  • J - Jumping jackal, jaybird, jaguar...thank you Sesame Street!
  • K - Kisses, one of the best gifts from my little munchkin
  • L - LP, who else?
  • M - Marriage. Number 5 in this posting will tell you how I feel about my marriage.
  • N - Now! I am making an effort to live and enjoy the moment instead of worrying about the future.
  • O - OMG! What runs through my mind when I read what some of you crazy people write on your blogs.
  • P - Peaches. What LP's gorgeous cheeks remind me of.
  • Q - Quiet. Yeah, right...
  • R - 'rithmetic. Something I absolutely don't like.
  • S - Stupid people. Man, do I hate stupid people. Why are there so many of them?
  • T - Ta-tas. Their mine, they change size and shape seemingly at will...
  • U - Ugs. A nickname from my brother growing up - short for Ugly. Nice, right?
  • V - Veggies. Now who doesn't like a fresh carrot or asparagus every once in a while?
  • W - Whatever. My response to many many things nowadays.
  • X - x. Seriously, LP has a book for every letter in the alphabet, and wouldn't you know it "x" is one of the three words listed in the "X" book.
  • Y - Yay! I say this a lot. Mostly facetiously.
  • Z - Zippitty-Doo-Da. What a great song...


Anonymous said...

love it!

Shari said...

woohoo... Thanks for the material... I'll have to get on this!!!

Wenderina said...

Nice work. Very creative. And NO I'm not still at work. I left at 6:30 tonight. I'm just fun-blogging at moment.