Tuesday, October 2, 2007

Pet Peeves

I am just not feeling "it" today. I don't have a lot of energy and I can't think of anything new and exciting to write about. Instead, I have decided to outline some of my pet peeves so that hopefully there will be fewer people committing these offenses.
  1. Incorrectly pronouncing "frustrated". The word is frustrated folks, with an "r". I can't even believe how many people say "fustrated". It kills me. Really, a bit of me dies each time I hear this.
  2. Falling down pants. I thought that the fad of wearing your pants below your underwear would have gone the way of the dodo a long time ago. If you have to hold up your pants when you run, you need pants that fit better. Also in this category, the fad of wearing one pant leg pulled up. What is that? Is it a gang sign or something?
  3. Talking in the bathroom. I hate when people talk to me while I am in a bathroom stall. Obviously I am in there for a reason and if I really have to go, I don't want to have to wait until you finish talking to me. Equally despised are the people that use the bathroom as a place to chat. Am I supposed to wait to flush until there is a polite break in their conversation so as not to drown out their voices?
  4. Callers who don't identify themselves. You know when you answer the phone and someone starts talking to you as if you know who they are? I think I am pretty good about recognizing voices, but I am not perfect. When I call someone I always say, "Hi, this is Amy, is So-and-So there?". I think of this as polite. I am calling them, my voice is out of context and I think it is only fair to give them a heads up. The only place this becomes a challenge is when you know multiple people with the same name. For example, the Hoos and I have three cousins Josh between us. We have both been caught looking silly when we get a call from "Cousin Josh" and it takes two minutes of conversation to figure out who the heck is on the line.
  5. Enforcers. Shari's comment reminded me of this one. Even though I have blogged about it before, it can't hurt to repeat. Enforcers suck. These are the people who drive 55 in the left lane and think they are doing you a favor since they are driving the speed limit. GET OUT OF THE WAY, PEOPLE!
This is a start to my list - what are some of your peeves? Enlighten us so that you too can make the world a better place...


Shari said...

Obviously mine is people who don't change the roll in the bathroom.

Another one, is in traffic when you let someone in or they cut you off to get in and they don't give you "the wave" to say thanks or sorry... Yeah that is evil.

And my husbands aunt, when she calls and we answer the phone, she just says "Hi" and then starts talking.

The other day at work I got a call from a woman, I'm assuming someone's mother, and she just starts in after my greeting with, I hate to call you at work, but I'm out shopping and I found one of those casserole dishes you've been looking for. You know the really heavy ones? I thought I might pick one up for you but was unsure of the color.

I replied "I'd love red one but I don't think I'm who you are trying to reach." Seriously, if she'd listened to how I answered the phone she would have picked up she had totally the wrong number.

Shari said...

Oh, and I so meant to tell you that I heard a DJ talking the other day about how "flusterated" is now considered a word...

I hate it... it just sounds like you don't know what the word is...

I mean seriously dude, if you're going to make up words make it obvious like FANCRAPTASTIC or YUCKIRIFFIC.

I may sound stupid, but at least you know it's on purpose... ;)

Tiffany said...

Those are my complaints too - especially the pants and the bathroom.

Anonymous said...

If I was to list all my pet peeves, you wouldn't have any space on your blog!! hahah

To ride on your "Fustrated" coat tails - my biggest pet peeve is when some says "irregardless" - it is not a friggin word people and you look dumb saying it!!!

Here is a short list for you:
1.) Close Talkers
2.) People who keep scooching up on you in line at the grocery store - like it will make the line go faster.
3.) When people don't say hello back when you greet them!
4.) When people chew with their mouth open - YUCK.
5.) Telemarketer - i know it is their job - but what a pain.
6.) Chain letter emails
7.) The misspelled and obnoxious memos from the daycare director
8.) Having to fill out a form more than one time (yes AB, I have the same problem with the Tylenol form as you - ugghhh)
9.) People who shave, read, watch TV, etc while driving. (Eating is OK - since I do that)
10.) When my husband doesn't shut the closet door (I love him dearly but it is really annoying)

That's it for now! Haha - Dianna

Wenderina said...

Obviously mine is SFPs. This is an acronym my friend and I cam up with for Stupid F-ing People. I encounter them everywhere. I can't tell you how many times I have stood with my mouth hanging agape watching someone do or say something that should be illegal it's so f-ing stupid. One of my favorite stories is standing in my friend's store - beautiful place filled with handmade gifts and oriental rugs/antiques. Someone walked into her store, realized she had a stone in her shoe, took the shoe off and dumped all the contents (dirt, dust, gravel) upside down onto her oriental rug. SFP Alert!

GreenStyleMom said...

Enforcers! Now I have a name for those people. Driving behind an enforcer is so "fustrating" to me! *wink*

I have so many pet peeves, but I can't seem to remember any of them. I'll ask my husband when he gets home. I'm always complaining to him!