Tuesday, October 30, 2007

Yes, I Call This Work

On Sunday night the Hoos tried to persuade me to sit on the couch for a few more minutes and watch a television until 10:30 by saying, "It's not like you have to work tomorrow." Fortunately for him, this was accompanied by a smirk and laughter.

Before we had LP, the Hoos used to joke that he wanted to be a stay-at-home-dad. He pictured sleeping late, fishing in the middle of the day and having time to complete a myriad of projects he had dreamed up. Since having LP, we have both realized that we have difficulty even accomplishing simple tasks when we are both home - like raking leaves or putting away the dishes. We have to take turns doing things (and not just because we only have one rake) because one person has to constantly be on patrol, ensuring LP doesn't occupy her time with activities such as eating dirt, digging up (and considering consuming) worms, or running into the street.

Most dads and moms of every configuration - stay at home, work from home, work away from home, work part-time, etc. - know that staying at home for any amount of time (other than perhaps time that coincides with nap time) with a child is work. Hard work. Harder than being in the office work.

It takes energy to come up with events to fill up the day that don't involve television or snacking. And with any reserve energy you have after conceiving these grand plans, you have to put into not only executing the activities, but coming up with back-up plans when your child gets bored, or completes your multi-hour project in seconds, or just rejects it out of hand. (Not that I am bitter that LP didn't want to play in the fort I created in the middle of our living room, creatively strewing blankets over furniture.)

Every day is an adventure. And yes, some days the office seems like a vacation. But most of the time, LP's cheeks, laughter, and hugs make the lack of energy, sleep, and relaxation worth it.


Haley said...

The girl is a 1950s housewife, I swear. I was thinking it the whole time she was talking.

And....yes, she is going to be a teacher. I'm scared.

Shari said...

Oh, my sister and I used to build this awesome fort out of her canopy bed. She'll attest to this, she loved it. We also had a cool "store" game I made up. Yeah, I was an awesome big sister.

Anyway, back to your post content that didn't refer to forts... There are days I stay home and I'm ready to go back to work. Work feels like a break. It makes me sad, but being at home is very much hard work...

Anonymous said...

Amen to this post. Being home with kids is difficult anyway you slice it up.

KiKi said...

Amen! It was hard with a spouse around and now that i'm a single mom (sorta, temporarily) I can attest to it with certainty. Full time job, on call 24/7... but oh, the great reward!!! Look at LP smiling in the leaves. I love when my princess hugs me for no reason and says, "I love you mommy." Makes it all worth it.