Monday, October 15, 2007

Green - It's the New Black

I believe today is national "Blog About the Environment Day". I know I blogged about being green a few weeks ago but with the current state of the world, I guess you can't talk about it enough. Here are a few things I am trying to do to lessen my negative impact on the planet - and teach LP how to be a responsible citizen.
  1. Use reusable bags for grocery shopping (when I remember to bring the bags! dang it!)
  2. Pack LP's lunch in tupperware instead of tin foil or sandwich bags
  3. Replace our regular light bulbs with CFLs
  4. Refill hard plastic, reusable, water bottles instead of drinking bottled water
  5. Clean LP's face with wash cloths instead if wipes or paper towels after she eats
  6. Minimize the number of tissues we use and use burp cloths/handkerchiefs instead (this one is really hard, especially when LP has a cold like today)
  7. Recycle glass, plastic, cardboard, paper and metal
  8. Minimize food waste by freezing or reusing leftovers for use in other meals (e.g., turn today's meatloaf into meat sauce for tomorrow's dinner)
  9. Wash dishes in the dishwasher instead of by hand (dishwashers use much less water)
  10. Combine errands and car trips
  11. We bought a composter! Yay! This should help reduce the number of bags of leaves we put out for collection and it should be a fun way of making our own mulch.

Of course there is much more that we all can do - start today! And I realize that none of these are huge, exciting changes, but I like to think that even a little improvement will make the world a better place in the long run. Try it!

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