Monday, October 8, 2007

Murphy's Law: Mommy Style

Murphy's Law - anything that can go wrong, will go wrong - takes on a whole new meaning when you have children. Not only does anything go wrong that can, but somehow it finds a way of hurting mommy in the process.

Friday's example of this phenomenon was no short of an unfortunate series of events. We live in an older home and it has its original windows. They have ropes on either side, held open by counterweights within the frame itself. Since the house is 70 years old, the ropes on some windows have snapped and the windows need to be propped open. The weather on Friday was gorgeous and I had the kitchen window suspended with a Nalgene water bottle.

LP and I were enjoying the sunshine outside when it became apparent that someone needed a diaper change. After taking care of business I felt a tickle on my arm and noticed an ant had hitched a ride into the house. I put him on my left hand, while holding LP in my right, and brought him over to the window hoping to return him to his natural habitat. As I lowered my hand to create a bridge for the little guy, LP's fascination with the Nalgene bottle got the best of her and she pulled.


I had the presence of mind to put LP down and make sure that she was okay before hyper-ventilating. All I really wanted to do was cry, not that it hurt so much, but I think crying is some sort of calming reflex mechanism. The good news is that LP sensed Mommy wasn't so happy and so she sat quietly on the floor and entertained herself.

This is an extreme example of what pretty much happens every day. No matter how wide a berth LP has, if she drops something it inevitably lands on me. Is there a theory about "Mommy Magnetism" out there confirming the science behind this?

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Shari said...

Ouch!!! Oh, I hope you're okay and of course know exactly what you are talking about. We have windows like that in our rental house and I hate them and we've had to fix them and replace them a lot and of course prop half of them up.