Friday, September 28, 2007

Nature Up Close

Upon returning home from a brief trip to our local Penzeys spice store, LP and I noticed that we had a visitor knocking on our back door. He may not look that big and ugly in the photo, but I assure you, this praying mantis is about 4 inches long - not including his legs - and even though I wouldn't squish him (are they still considered endangered?) I bet he would make a loud-ass crunch if I tried too.

PS - Since I was uploading this ugly picture, I added a picture of LP to the post below too.

PPS - A note on Penzeys. I used to get my spices at CVS for 99 cents each. I didn't realize until I started buying spices at Penzeys that you truly to get what you pay for. The cheapy ones do not even compare to the real stuff. Seriously. If you live near a Penzeys go and check it out.

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