Thursday, October 4, 2007

The Dim Bulb

Someone has to be the dim bulb, right? Today it is me.

So far:
  • I spent 10 minutes searching my house for my car keys. Yesterday LP was playing with my pocketbook. Typically this entails taking every freaking item out of my wallet and inspecting it to see if it passes snuff. Typically it doesn't and she tosses it. My keys must have met this fate. Fortunately, I have a back up set. And now I have a purpose for this evening - find my keys. (7 am)
  • Sitting in my cube, I keep hearing this annoying beeping every minute or so. I assume it is my neighbors blackberry and ignore it. Then it makes a sound like my cell shutting off. Yes, it was my phone warning me that it was dying. Good thing I am responsible for any one's life by picking up audible and non-audible clues! (9:50 am)
I am sure there are more brilliant moves to come. Will post as they happen.

1 comment:

Shari said...

Let me bail you out here! This is just a sign from the technology gods that you need to pick up a few new items.

1) One of those key alert key chains that beeps to tell you where it is when you clap... or they have ones that have a base like a cordless phone and you can put the things on multiple sets of keys. If you lose one you push the button and it beeps...

2) I bet your cell phone is older and needs to be replaced... with something newer and cuter. Who ever thought phones would be cute, but they are.

I say you just need to go shopping!