Sunday, January 27, 2008


I thought the weekends were supposed to be LESS manic than the rest of the week. For some reason it seems as though Saturday and Sunday are chock full - even when they are chock full of nothing. Not this weekend. Here are some highlights:

LP woke up with a rash on her entire trunk. Fortunately, I was able to get a 10:30 appointment at the pediatrician. (Has anyone else noticed that weekend doctor's appointments seem to take about 4 times as long as a weekday visit? Not that we have the doctor's attention for longer, but we just spend more time in the office.) Turns out, despite the fact that LP took her last dose of antibiotic Friday am and this rash first showed up on Friday evening, the cause was determined to be the amoxicillin. Yay! A potential allergy to penicillin. Better safe than sorry and she most likely won't ever get a penicillin-derived antibiotic again, but still a pain in the arse to deal with for the rest of her life. Woo-hoo.

Oh, and LP peed on me when getting ready for her bath. Despite the fact that we were standing next to the open potty.

A much more enjoyable day. I spent mid-day with five fabulous ladies: some of the other moms from LP's day care class. We are all working moms, with at least one kid and three of us are pregnant. It was nice to talk to grown ups, with a wide range of backgrounds and experience, but with some (actually more than some) common ground. We lingered over lunch and still probably had a lot more we could have chatted about when we figured it was time to rescue our husbands.

The evening was spent celebrating my nephew O's 9th birthday. LP is absolutely adorable when she is with her cousins, a real ham that enjoys the attention she gets from being the baby.

The weekend ended with LP peeing on the potty TWICE. Once before her bath and once after. Monday I expect to get peed on again.

Looking Ahead
Tomorrow night I start my new class. It doesn't involve math so there should be considerably less complaining and solicitations for assistance with my homework. Unless anyone wants to volunteer to go to class and pretend to be me...

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KiKi said...

Awww, poor LP. Thank goodness she hasn't had any major illnesses thus far. The allergy sucks though.

I'm glad you got a chance to step out and enjoy time with some new friends. Hooray for mommy time!