Thursday, January 17, 2008

The Stay-Puff Marshmallow Woman

I spent yesterday home with my sick little LP. Seriously, if she didn't have the tell-tale red "smudges" under her eyes, you wouldn't know the kid was sick. She ran around like a crazy kid for most of the day. It was like a typical home day with her, the only exception being that maybe I coddled her a bit more. Okay, a lot more, I spoil her.

When I was pregnant with LP the Hoos and I would joke around about who was going to be who in the "good cop, bad cop" routine. It was supposed to be that he was the softy. This is totally not the case. Some examples

1. Breakfast

Me to LP: "You don't want to eat breakfast in your booster? You want to walk around with your mini-pancakes in your hand while you watch TV? Okay."

The Hoos to me: "You know, she sits nicely in the booster for me. You really shouldn't do that."

2. Dinner
LP: Decides she is done and starts picking food up by the handful from her plate and throwing it.

Me: Takes her plate away.

The Hoos to LP: "LP, NO! We do not throw food."

LP: Laughs.

3. The Potty
LP: "Pee! Pee!"

Me to LP:
"You have to pee? Okay, let's go." Take her to the potty, remove her pants and diaper.

LP: "Book?" walks away, bottomless, to find a book.

Me (chasing after her): "Just one. Okay, two. C'mon, honey, you have no diaper on. I don't want you to pee on the floor."

LP: Returns to the potty, sits for two seconds and decides she has the wrong books.

Repeat earlier dialogue at least once.

LP: Finally pees on the potty. Last night this was AFTER her bath. I would think she would pee in the bath instead, but whatever.

The Hoos, same situation: "Do you have to pee or not?" After a minute he puts her diaper back on.

The only anomaly of this whole situation is that LP cries when I yell at her and typically laughs at the Hoos when he does. Maybe I am unintentionally playing mind games with her... mommy strategy...maybe I should write a book.


Tiffany said...

The differences between Mom and Dad. We have exact same thing in the exact same way in our house. Good thing that I am not alone.

A's Mom said...

Hey, if you write a book, let me know. I would love to read it to see if I can get any hints from it!

KiKi said...

Hmm, sounds very familiar to me. When I was pregnant DH insisted that he would be the tough one because he would simply not put up with this and that, and he was certain we'd have a spoiled daughter because I'd let her get away with murder.

Fast-forward... he's the one who rewards writing in permanent marker on our desk with, "I'm sure you were just trying to be creative, next time just use THIS type of marker."

Stephanie said...

Loved this post! Too funny. I'm still laughing. Do you have to pee or not?!? That's soooo my husband. :)