Friday, January 4, 2008

Oh What a Night!

You know how some days might just be better spent in your PJs in bed? What happens when the urge to hibernate hits at 5:30pm?

When LP and I returned home from a long day of work and school, I notice that our garbage cans are half way up the street and rolling. And I only see one cover - we have two cans. Lovely. I guess the garbage men did not appreciate being tipped in Dunkin Donuts gift cards. Sure I only gave them 2, $5 gift cards, but I thought maybe I was the exception tipping them at all.

When we came inside LP insisted on "Cheeries!" so I gave her a sandwich bag with a few handfuls of Cheerios. Which she promptly dumped on the floor. As I picked them up she rubbed my back saying "Peeeeas". She gets "please" and "thank you" mixed up, but I appreciate that her sarcastic side is developing.

Then, glutton for punishment that I am, I turn on the computer to check my work email. I have three messages from coworkers complaining about how I canceled a service.

Some background: I manage a vendor relationship for an online enewsletter service. This year the price tripled because apparently our "introductory offer" expired (sound like the cable company?). So, I looked at usage data provided by the vendor and decided to eliminate two of the four subscriptions that got the least amount of use in order to keep the pricing at the same level.

Apparently the sales rep decided to email all 60 of the folks he had in his database as signed up for subscriptions WITHOUT COPYING ME:

Loyal Readers,

We have had several recent inquiries about the inability to access to [two] publications. The reason for this is that [your firm] opted not to continue the service to these two publications. We are willing to add these service to your existing license at a discounted rate, i.e., for the cost of two readers all can have access. Please contact AmyBow at [email] about the possibility of adding these publications to your existing service.

Thanks for your interest in our publications.

To me, he makes it sound like we completely canceled the service; instead of reminding people of the functions we do have and their capabilities, he sort of ignores that they exist. In addition, 10 of the people on his list no longer work at the firm and at least another 10 people are still on vacation because I got bounce backs and out of office replies. So, the likelihood of any of these people complaining about the loss of service - that only started on Jan 1 - is pretty slim. Pretty much, he was trying to wreak havoc and create demand for his product. AAARRGGGHHH.

Okay, deep breaths. I will not cause anyone injury. I will let my daughter rub my back whenever she wants and I will enjoy today - a day with LP at day care and mommy working from home and running errands. A rare treat about which I refuse to feel guilty. After last night, I deserve this.


Wenderina said...

Wow - a venting phone call to me AND a post - this guy really got your goat. Enjoy your day while I O.D. on Nyquil. See ya next week.

A's Mom said...

What a jerk! Doesn't he know he's dealing with a pregnant woman? Some people really know how to push button, huh? Enjoy your weekend!

KiKi said...

I don't know who's more obnoxious, this guy or Mr. Stupid! Please tell me you called and laid him out. Or at the very least, sent him an email: