Monday, January 21, 2008

Life Lessons

LP seems to be back to 100%. She is once again cheerful and exuberant and all around silly. Some of her most recent findings:
  1. Mommy will read to me for hours on end as long as I sit on the potty. Even if I don't pee! Sunday LP sat on the potty while I read her at least 10 books.
  2. I can get my way if I let Mommy pick my nose. Another winner. Yesterday LP napped for 20 minutes in the car. We were hoping to levitate her from the car into the crib, but unfortunately when she is wearing cold weather gear it is hard to extract her without her noticing. She screamed and screamed from her crib. I even tried laying down next to her on the floor. I took her out and tried to get her to lay on the floor with me. Nothing was working. If I even said the word "nap" she would start howling. Finally, exasperated and with snot all over her face I said "If you want to go downstairs, let me get that booger." She stood perfectly still and let me extract it. This is not a coincidence.
  3. Animals have tails but people don't. Today LP discovered the small protrusion on the back of her cow doll. She then diligently searched herself and Baby (her Cabbage Patch Kid) for similar growths. We then went through all of her stuffed animals one by one to identify their tails.
  4. A robe is a good thing to put on when you are cold. The past couple of mornings LP has woken up and said something that sounds like "whoa!". You would think I would remember from one day to the next that she is calling for her robe. She likes to put it on over her pajamas and walk around the house.
  5. I can get Mommy in trouble. LP has learned a few new words - including "Booby!" and "Bra!". She likes to yell them out at inopportune times. The Hoos is less than amused. I am rapidly trying to introduce other words to her vocabulary so she hopefully forgets these (yeah, right).
  6. Sleeping on a pillow is kewl. While LP was sick we put a small decorative pillow (the first item we bought for her when we found out I was pregnant, actually) in her crib. We figured that elevating her head would be a good thing to combat the post-nasal drip (we didn't want to put something under the mattress because she moves so much that it would end up defeating the purpose with her head on the downward slant). She now looks so cute when she falls alseep with her little head on the pillow.

We are all learning constantly, so these are just a few examples. Everyday I swear our knowledge of each other expands by the size of an encyclopedia.

On a slightly related--but not quite--note, I am trying to learn to be more thoughtful at home and in the office. For example, instead of saying to colleagues "That isn't a bad idea"; I am actively trying to make it a positive and say "That is a good idea." I don't know why this is so hard for me!

And, finally - GO BIG BLUE!


Stephanie said...

They learn young, don't they? I am totally laughing at the mental image of you hunched in the bathroom, reading book after book... too funny! And I love the tails tale, too.

A's Mom said...

I love how they teach us so much without us even knowing. It's kind of like getting them to clean up but making it a fun game so they don't know they are working! Hehe.