Friday, January 18, 2008

Looking for a Vanquishing Spell

Poor LP. Yesterday the Hoos had to pick her up from day care before lunch again because she had a low grade fever. Her eyes are looking much better, but she is now averaging 101. Ibuprofen and antibiotics are fast becoming our best friends.

She went to bed straight after her bath last night, and even though she didn't appear to be awake, she coughed from 12-1. Fortunately for everyone she was able to fight the cough and we had blissful silence from 1-6; coughing resumed from 6-7 and at 7 she called out "tissue!".

I know I should start getting used to less, more frequently interrupted sleep in preparation for Bun, but man, I was hoping to slide into it more gradually.

At least LP is in good spirits. She just dumped out a big boy of crayons and shows no signs of slowing down. I, of course, look like a zombie.


Tiffany said...

It stinks when the kiddo is sick. I am not looking foward to no sleep as much as I want this little one to come. At least she is not a screaming fit right now.

A's Mom said...

How cute - she called out tissue. Well, I'll just cross my fingers for you that she doesn't through temper tantrums when the baby finally does come around. Then you'll have double the fun.