Tuesday, January 22, 2008

Early Valentine's Day Give-Away

Today I received another one of my WMAG Holiday give-away prizes: a fuchsia 2007-2008 MomAgenda. Fortunately for you all, I already have a MomAgenda. I use it frequently, more to track my schedule than LP's and the accompanying address book is my most up-to-date resource of addresses and phone numbers.

I want to share the love. I am not much good at coming up with contest and the like, so instead of making this about judging (who has the energy anymore, really?), I am going to make it easy. I will pick a number between 1 and 5. Leave a comment with your number guess. The first person to pick the right number, wins. Just make sure I can contact you somehow to get your address.

Thanks for reading!


Robyn said...

I will guess "4" (my lucky number). And to think of the things I would have done if it were a contest...!

Anonymous said...

3 - Dianna (You know where to find me)

A's Mom said...

I guess "1". I'll even let you give it to Wenderina to give to me later! hehe