Monday, February 26, 2007

"F" is For...

Five, as in the five inches of snow we got last night. The impact of these frosty flakes was local school closings - including LP's day care.

Flexible, which is what my Hoos is. Because I had a meeting this morning (despite the fact that I don't typically go to the office on Mondays) he stayed home with LP this morning until I could get home and cover him.

"Freaking a!," the words I repeated as I attempted to clean off my car after wading through the aforementioned five inches to reach it.

Frustration, the feeling I had after arriving at work and getting calls from two of my colleagues that were supposed to be in my morning meeting, telling me they would be taking the meeting via conference call from their respective homes.

"F&^*" another refrain running through my head as the gas light came on in my car on the way home, and again when I pulled into a service station only to discover that the credit and debit card system was down and they were only taking cash. Further amplified when I realized I didn't have any cash.

Fortunate, that I read the sign about the credit cards BEFORE getting out of my car.

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