Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Quick and Dirty

Too lazy to write full sentences, so a brief recap of the last few days.

  • Saturday am: We gave LP's friend Daisy a lift to ballet. She got dropped off at our house early and came home for a bit afterward. It was a nice little playdate.
  • Saturday pm: AK's friend "Monah" and his family came over for dinner. He is a really sweet little boy and my girls ran him ragged. AK is not the gentlest sort, having a big sister and all, and she would push poor Monah around to get him to where she wanted him.
  • Sunday am: We wanted to get out of the house and instead of going to IKEA or the mall and spending money, we put the $ toward admission at the Maritime Center (aka aquarium). It is only about five minutes from the house and this was the first time we have gone alone as a family. Usually we go with my family or the Hoos' family. It was really nice to be able to enjoy concentrated family time and just focus. We decided NOT to bring the stroller and it worked out really well. AK walked the entire time and it left me free to chase her or hold her hand and not worry about leaving a stroller behind.
  • Sunday pm: Yay! No naps! And crazy day care drama. On a Sunday. Bonus - while I was doing something in the kitchen, AK climbed up on a chair and pulled herself onto the changing table, laid down, put her feet in the air and called out "Poop!" Now I just have to teach her to tell me BEFORE she actually goes. Potty training here we come!
  • Monday am: Both girls to school so mama could get some "me" time. Not tied to the fact that LP asked me if a mole on my neck was a nipple.
  • Monday pm: Picked the girls up early and responded to LP's request to do "something what's special" by initiating an "organizing project." I put both girls to work finding and straightening up all of their craft supplies and putting them into a single location. It won't last, but I am happy to at least have made this initial effort. AND I was able to create the craft center by repurposing things we already had (a shelf on wheels, some file folder, an extra silverware organizer). And it kept the girls from eating for an hour. Well, except for the tip of a magic marker...

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