Friday, February 19, 2010

Change of Plan

Scene: my living room, 1:30 pm, a new bag of chips, two loads of laundry to fold, and Project Runway on the DVR

Sound: Unhappy AK, sounding off from her crib interrupted by ringing telephone

"This is Miss Louise. We have a situation. We went to the bathroom before naptime like always, and LP refused to put her underwear back on. She is pitching a serious fit. What would you like me to do?"

"Well, can you see if she is willing to put her lollipops (the "panties" you wear under a skirt or dress to keep your real undies hidden) on under her tights instead of her underwear?"

"She is right here, you want to talk to her"

NOT REALLY. But as I am not really given a choice..."Hi, LP. What's the problem?"

"I wa..wa..wa..want to c..c..c..come home."

"Well, I want you to put your panties on. You know you have to wear them."

"I wi..wi..wi..will put on, b..b..b..but I wa..wa..want to c..c..come h..h..home."

Lucky for her AK was still not napping and I am still a total sucker.

I am now...
  • not eating chips
  • watching Caillou
  • re-folding laundry multiple times because someone keeps unfolding it (AK!!!!!!)
  • also, on Twitter. Don't get excited for frequency, I don't do it from my cell, only from the net, and most things link back here, but in case you are addicted to me (hi mom!)...check it out.

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A's Mom said...

Gotta love change of plans.